9 Must-Haves for your Glove Box

Attitude is the most important survival skill.  Objective setting and critical thinking are next.  Quality gear, especially gear that is within arm’s reach, can be a force multiplier (a force multiplier is defined as “capability that, when added to and employed by a force, significantly increases the potential of that force and thus enhances the probability of successful mission accomplishment.”)

The following  items can easily fit in the glove box of an automobile (Originally written by John A. Heatherly for

1) Road Atlas/Printed Maps


Smart phones, tablets, and GPS devices are effective, and should be carried. Paper maps and atlases should be carried as well, as networks can go down, and batteries can die.  Why not have an atlas or map of the area you are living in or traveling through?

2) Wrist Compass


This tiny item (by Suunto) can be a confidence-builder and a life-saver! While the ability to read and navigate a terrain map is recommended, the addition of a wrist compass like the one pictured can enable a person to at least lead, follow, or embark on an emergency heading.

3) Headlamp


small headlamp takes up very little space and can be worn while working or walking.  Imagine the benefit of having both hands available to work, rather than needing a “flash light holder.”

4) Water Purification Straw


A number of “life straws” are available on the market. The one pictured above produced by NDUR, filters 25 gallons, and stores in a pocket.

5) Folding Knife and Fire-Starter


Tool-Logic designed this multi-use survival tool that can clip to a belt or fit in a pocket. We also like the Swedish Fire Knife, which, because of it’s bright colors, shows up very well in a dark glove box.

6) Alcohol Swabs


Alcohol swabs can be used to clean cuts and scrapes, of course, and they also make excellent fire-starters.  Use the Tool-Logic knife mentioned above to spark an alcohol swab as tinder.

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