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50 Emergency Apps: Turn Your Phone into a Life-Saving Device!

I was thrilled to learn that the new iPhones make the flashlight app easily accessible. They demonstrate one more way that a smart device can be of benefit. The following list of 50 Emergency Apps can be useful, as well. Much like the GPS vs. Compass discussion, I recommend using smart devices to enhance your personal skills, rather than allow them to become a crutch. When using the apps, also consider what you would do if they were not available. Read on.

One thing most of us carry at all times is our phones, so why not make them smarter? Phones these days can do much more than check emails and take pictures; they can do CPR too (well, almost)! They can be more useful in an emergency situation than you may realize!

There are thousands of apps and more coming out each day. I tried to round-up some of the best emergency apps below, but if I missed one of your favorites let me know!

Emergency Apps – But What About …

I can already see the buts coming my way so let me address some of them here:

  • No Cell Service?

Anyone that’s been through a natural disaster realizes cell service is often times one of the 1st things to go! Sometimes having good cell service is tough enough, so why would you bother downloading apps to your phone if a disaster is going to wipe them out?

Well, a lot of these apps once downloaded do not need to be connected to the internet or have cell service to run them. Many are informational apps and will still be able to show you how to do CPR, act as a flashlight, or pull-up important documents as long as they have battery power.

  • No Electricity?

If your cell phone is anything like mine the battery lasts about a day, maybe 2 if I don’t use it! If you want to be able to keep your cell phone charged (or anything else you can’t live without) you might want to seriously consider a solar generator. There are all sorts of generators on the market that can keep things powered so look for something that works for you.

  • Calling Family?

One thing I did learn through my 1st Hurricane was to get a phone with a cord! Cordless ones are great, but they don’t do you any good when the electricity is out and the cell towers are down. So think about picking up a $5 phone to add to your emergency kit, because even when cell service is out – landlines often still work!

Most of these apps are not ones you’ll use every day. However, it’s a good idea to go ahead and download them for when the unexpected happens. Even better, when you have spare time (whatever that is) familiarize yourself with their content so you’ll be better prepared to survive a disaster, or even save a life!

* Most of these emergency apps are available for both the Android and I-Phone. Many are free, but others can range in costs.



The best time to prepare for a disaster is BEFORE! Each of these emergency apps will help you get your act together and be the most prepared person on the block!

ICE: In Case of Emergency

Paramedics and hospital personnel will often look at a patient’s phone for an ICE (In Case of Emergency) number to know who to call for you, so it’s a good idea to have an app clearly labeled ICE on your home page so they can find it. The ICE app can store a list of people to call, insurance information, doctor names and numbers, medications, allergies, medical conditions, and special instructions in case you’re incapacitated.


Emergency Planner Checklist

Need a little motivation to get prepared? This app is for you then. No one likes to think about emergencies and disasters, but you need to be prepared.  This checklist app will help keep you and your loved ones safe by making sure you have everything you need.


Disaster Readiness

Disaster Readiness is an emergency prep guide with more than 175,000 reference guides on how to respond to any disaster situation. Should the power go out, you won’t be able to rely upon the Internet for information. This handy app should have all the info you need, with sections on floods, fires, evacuation, and how to find or create shelter in an emergency.


SAS Survival Guide

Fully downloaded onto your device, no wi-fi or cell signal is needed. In addition to extremely detailed survival information and checklists, you will find videos, quizzes, a morse code signaling device, and a sun compass. This app will help prepare  you for urban disasters, natural disasters, how to survive outdoor situations and much more.



StopDisaster helps walk you through preparedness checklists for hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards and other natural disasters. It’ll help you build an emergency kit, get your documents in order and store your emergency phone numbers, ready to dial.


wikiHow: How to and DIY Survival Kit

This app covers about every emergency situation you could think of. Explore 140,000+ how-to articles, where you can get help with First Aid, CPR & Choking, Animal Attacks, Vehicle Emergencies, Escapes & Rescues, Natural Disasters, Self Defense, Wilderness Survival, and so much more.


Know Your Plan

Use Know Your Plan to be prepared when disaster strikes! Get started by using the preloaded checklists to learn about important mitigation and preparation steps, or create your own lists from scratch. You can set due dates, chart your progress, and include notes with your tasks, and share your checklists with family and friends.


E-Food Storage

E-FoodStorage will make it easy to know what is on your shelves. With an easy “scan-in” and “scan-out” tracking system, this app implements your phone’s camera to scan and recognize the products you buy from their barcodes. E-FoodStorage brings your entire inventory to your fingertips along with multiple tools, tips, and tricks to make keeping food storage easier than you ever thought possible.


Winter Survival Kit

People who live anyplace that gets “real” winters know to keep a winter survival kit in their cars: snow brush/ice scraper, water, food, blankets, and more. This app can help you pack that kit, but it also serves as your virtual survival kit. This app will help you find your current location, call 911, notify your friends and family, calculate how long you can run your engine to keep warm and stay safe from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Click here to see for the rest of the list from Prepared-Housewives


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