04 Oct 2015

The Weapon That Took Down The Mammoth

Bob Berg of Thunderbird Atlatl. The man is lethal with his tools. That target is large and about 10 yds away. It is hard to see from this video but the last 2 shots are in the 10 ring and hit with some AUTHORITY!  Bob Berg of Thunderbird AtlatlBob Berg

12 Apr 2015

The Ancient Art of Hunting with an Atlatl

Great lessons about spear and bow fishing in this video featuring the Atlatl (spear thrower.) Neither fish nor wooly mammoth stand a chance!

23 Mar 2015

Ancient Weapons – The Atlatl and The Genesis of Big Game Hunting

Atlatl – One of man’s earliest inventions and an effective weapon that allowed for big game hunting. The atlatl spear thrower has been crafted in a number of configurations and can even be made from PVC. This weapon was a factor in the extinction of the mastodon and wooly mammoth