24 May 2017

A MUST SEE VIDEO: The Top 5 AR-15’s For Under $500.00

Most hard working Americans cannot afford to go out and spend over a thousand (or more) dollars when it comes to buying an AR-15. Thanks to the anti-gun rhetoric of the DNC and Democrat controlled states, like California, New York and Illinois, if they could, they would prevent you from

20 May 2017

Suspect Pulls AR-15 On Police Officer…It Doesn’t End Well For The Suspect & It’s All Caught On Body Cam

During the 8 years of Barack Obama’s presidency, the narrative of homicidal racist cops was all over the news. Every time we turned-on the television, all we seemed to hear, was that another “innocent” suspect was brutally “gunned-down” by another blood-thirsty police officer. Well those days of politically-correct nonsense are