23 Apr 2017

An Entire Pack Of African Wild Dogs vs A Warthog…Who Comes-Out On Top…See For Yourself

A single warthog walks down the road and runs smack-dab and into an entire pack (I count 13) of wild African dogs. Now, normally a single warthog wouldn’t stand a chance against such odds, but the wild pig isn’t backing down. Watch for yourself just how this adult warthog stands up

19 Apr 2017

During A River Crossing Baby Elephant Is Attacked & Eaten By Hungry Crocodiles

Just because you’re an elephant doesn’t mean that you’re invincible, especially when you’re very young and in close proximity of starving crocodiles. Sadly for one baby elephant, such was the case. While attempting a river crossing a herd of elephants runs straight into a bunch of starving crocodiles. The croc’s

17 Apr 2017

Extremely Rare Images Show An Elephant Attacking A Hippo

These are extremely rare images of an elephant attacking a hippopotamus. I would venture to say, that this type of thing doesn’t happen all that often, since the only time these two heavyweight are only in close proximity when the elephant is drinking at a water hole, or at the

04 Apr 2017

Life & Death Drama: Mongoose vs Black Mamba

In the video below, we see a truly epic life and death struggle between a mongoose and a black mamba. In the world wide community of venomous snakes, the black mamba ranks as one of the deadliest snakes on earth. The feared Black Mamba is found throughout many parts of

04 Apr 2017

Lions Kill Hyena Tear It Apart & Eat It [Not For Sensitive Viewers]

Majingilane male lions kill and eat a lone hyena, this is an old feud going back thousands of years. Lions and hyenas may share some of the same territory on the vast African savanna, but the boundaries are clear and any lone hyena who dares to cross it, is savagely

03 Apr 2017

Chased By Lions And Stuck In The Mud Poor Impala Is Killed By Angry Hippo

A poor Impala just can’t seem to catch a break, after being chased into the muddy water of a river by lions, the poor critter gets finished-off…by an angry bull Hippo. When you think of a hippo and you may imagine a great lumbering herbivore that spends most of its

31 Mar 2017

Bull Elephant Attacks And Gores Cape Buffalo To Death With His Tusks

Whether it was in a fit of rage, or a battle over territory, a bull elephant viciously attacks and gores a cape buffalo with his tusks. In Africa, territory is very important to all of the different animals that roam freely throughout that continent. A good territory provides the means

30 Mar 2017

Ultimate ‘FEEL GOOD’ Video: Wild Elephant Is Saved After Being Shot With Poisoned Arrow

In the video below, animal control officials do whatever they can to save a wild elephant after it has been shot with a poisoned arrow. Try as they might, local authorities throughout Africa cannot completely stop, or catch, all of the ivory poachers, but in this case, they managed to

28 Mar 2017

Nature In The Raw: Leopard Catches & Eats Screaming Warthog…Alive [GRAPHIC]

This is nature in it’s raw element and a leopard gets to eat a warthog for supper. As I have said before, nature is a very unforgiving force and when it comes to predator and prey, there are only 2 outcomes, somebody lives and another goes hungry, or, someone dies

27 Mar 2017

David Attenborough Narrates Film Showing Large Python Eating Entire Deer

When watching a BBC (British Braodcasting Corporation)  documentary, nothing makes it sound more interesting, than hearing it narrated by Sir David Attenborough. In the 4 minute video below, Attenborough focuses on cold-blooded reptiles, snakes in particular. While some people have a terrible fear of snakes, it seems that every time