05 Mar 2017

Here Are 10 Really Scary & Horrific Crocodile Attacks

Here we have 10 REALLY scary crocodile attacks, some included the deaths of people, others were close calls and that was enough to make those folks change their underwear afterwards. If you do travel to any of the countries mentioned in the video, please exercise caution when and if you

28 Feb 2017

World’s 5 BIGGEST CROCODILES Ever Caught On Film

Here we have the world’s 5 biggest crocodiles ever caught on film. No photo editing done, all of these monsters are 100% verified and are in the record books. Beneath the video are their names and a short description about each one. Crocodiles this size are about as close as

12 Feb 2017

Extremely Terrifying Animal Attacks On Humans In The Water

The title to this article says it all, these are extremely terrifying animal attacks that take place in the water. Whether, it’s in a river, or the open ocean, the one thing to remember is; always keep your wits about you and be aware of your surroundings. Being attacked by

07 Feb 2017

Crocodile Sent Flying After Ill-Fated Attack On Cape Buffalo

After an Ill-fated attack against a cape buffalo, a crocodile gets a flying lesson (to his chagrin I’m sure), the cape buffalo is not an animal to be trifled with. That croc must have been starving to try and take-down a buffalo like that, or maybe he was just in the wrong

03 Feb 2017

When Hunting Leopards There’s No Place For Amateurs

When you are out hunting an animal as ferocious as a leopard, it’s definitely no place for amateurs. Although I am an avid hunter, I have to say, that the men in this video, are cruel scumbags and it’s too bad that the leopard didn’t rip their throats-out (I know that’s

29 Jan 2017

Watch This Deadly Battle Between A Cobra & Puff Adder

Watching a fight between a Cobra and Puff Adder, is not something that one sees everyday. Normally these snakes give each other a wide berth, but in those cases when they do have contact, usually means that someone is hungry and is looking for a meal.  A fierce fight to

29 Sep 2016

Mexico Is Worried About An Influx Of African And Asian Immigrants

Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is concerned about an influx of immigrants into the country from African and Asian countries, according to a report Thursday in El Universal. “Many of them will have to return to their home countries,” Socorro Flores, undersecretary of Latin America and the Caribbean for the