31 Aug 2017

Not For The Faint of Heart…This Graphic Video illustrates Why Lions Are Truly Apex Predators

Anyone with a lick of common sense knows that lions are truly gifted and horrifically ferocious killers. Basically, if a lion can sink it’s claws into something…chances are that particular animal is on the lion’s menu. Now, lions have been known to kill other predators, like Cheetahs, leopards, hyenas, wild

17 Jul 2017

Folks On Safari Have The Fright Of Their Life When A Lion Opens Their Car Door…No Kidding !!

I have published several articles here about lions and folks on safari and what happens when you roll down your window, or get out of the car to get a better shot with a camera. Some people have been mauled and others have been killed. People just don’t seem to

22 Jun 2017

These Are The Top Ten Lion Attacks On Humans Caught On Video

Lion attacks on people are no joke and those people that manage to survive, are darn lucky ! I would not enjoy being attacked by any animal, once as a child, I was mauled by our family dog, a 125 pound German Shepherd and it was NOT a pleasant experience. But,

17 Jun 2017

Incredible Footage: Hippopotamus Gives Birth And Saves Newborn From Hungry Crocodiles

While a full grown hippopotamus has nothing to fear from any crocodile, newborns and small calves are a different matter. More than one baby hippo has been snatched right out from under it’s mother by hungry crocodiles lurking nearby. In this particular instance, a hippo gave birth and we can

14 Jun 2017

[WARNING SHOCKING IMAGES] African Wild Dog Disembowels Impala While It’s Still Alive

If you listen to your average run-o-th-mill tree-hugger, nature is a beautiful place where all of the animals love each other and nothing bad ever happens. Well I’m here to tell you that’s just a big load of horse dung !! Nature is more often than not, a cruel and

25 May 2017

Horror In Zimbabwe…Local Officials Cut Open Suspected Man-Eating Crocodile And What They Found Inside The Beast Made Their Blood Run Cold

According to a news reporter from Kariba, Zimbabwe, a large crocodile was killed because it was rumored that the animal had killed a local man. After authorities found and killed the animal, they cut it open and what they found inside the croc was horrifying. The photos below clearly show

20 May 2017

Viral Video Shows Lion vs Zebra…And The Ending Isn’t What You’d Might Expect

Animal life and death struggles occur every single day on the African continent, it’s been going on for millions of years. Predators are constantly on the look-out for a meal, while prey animals are continuously grazing and looking for the opportunity to mate. A single lion kills about 15 large animals

01 May 2017

That Horrific Moment Caught On Video When An Angry Rhino Charges Car Full Of Safari Goers

I don’t know how many times I have to say the same thing for folks to “get it”, but I’ll give it another bash okay ? These are wild and unpredictable animals in their own environment and when you step onto their turf…expect the UN-expected. This sort of thing shouldn’t come

28 Apr 2017

Lions vs Baboons In The Ultimate Showdown…How Does It End…See For Yourself

If I were your average run-o-th’-mill lion living on the Savannah in Africa, baboon meat wouldn’t be my first preference. But, a hungry lion will kill just about anything it can catch, especially if it hasn’t had a meal in a while. Lions are the apex predators on the African

23 Apr 2017

An Entire Pack Of African Wild Dogs vs A Warthog…Who Comes-Out On Top…See For Yourself

A single warthog walks down the road and runs smack-dab and into an entire pack (I count 13) of wild African dogs. Now, normally a single warthog wouldn’t stand a chance against such odds, but the wild pig isn’t backing down. Watch for yourself just how this adult warthog stands up