05 Apr 2017

Blonde Woman Handles An Uzi On FULL AUTO Like A Boss

The blonde woman in the video below, has made a previous appearance in another video when she was shooting the PSL 7.62x 54R rifle. I’m 99.9% it her, for a couple of reasons, one of them is rather (ahem) “obvious”, if you get my drift. But regarding the weapon she’s

27 Mar 2017

The Top Ten 9mm Pistols From 2015…Still Worth Checking Out

Here is a list of the top ten 9mm pistols from 2015 (the title to the video is wrong…it’s not 2016 but 2015). Every time you turn around, someone has come-up with a new 9mm pistol, some are definitely worth the money you will end up paying to own them,

09 Feb 2017

The Medusa M-47 Multi-Caliber Revolver

So here we have the Medusa M-47 multi-caliber revolver, I found this very interesting for a number of reasons. Every semi-auto pistol, or revolver, usually fires ONE type of ammunition and we’re all familiar with that, but these folks developed a revolver that will fire an assortment of  different caliber

05 Feb 2017

Here’s The Hi-Point Carbine: Inexpensive & Reliable

Here’s The Hi-Point Carbine, it’s inexpensive & reliable and an all around fun weapon to shoot. There are alot of good firearms out there, but if you are like me, they are usually out of my price range. Enter the Hi-Point Carbine, inexpensive and reliable. This weapon comes in different