25 May 2017

Caught On Video: A MASSIVE ANACONDA In Brazil Supposedly The LARGEST ONE Ever Seen

In the video below we can see a massive anaconda in Brazil and it was captured on video, it is supposedly the largest one ever seen. There are countless photo-shopped pictures of so-called “Giant Snakes” floating around on the internet, but this isn’t one of those. This video was shot by

24 May 2017

Shocking Video Of Sea Lion Grabbing Little Girl And Dragging Her Off The Dock

In a video posted to YouTube on May 20th, 2017, by a young man named Michael Fujiwara, we see a little girl grabbed by a sea lion and pulled right off the dock and dragged into the water in British Columbia. I myself have had several encounters with sea lions

22 May 2017

When On Safari & Surrounded By Lions Don’t Ever Get Out Of Your Car…Or You’ll Get Eaten Like This Guy Did [VIDEO]

In this graphic video we see a man get out of his car to get a better photograph of a pride of lions and is dragged down and is mauled. I cannot stress enough, that while driving through a Game Reserve on safari, especially in Africa, DO NOT EVER get out of

20 May 2017

Viral Video Shows Lion vs Zebra…And The Ending Isn’t What You’d Might Expect

Animal life and death struggles occur every single day on the African continent, it’s been going on for millions of years. Predators are constantly on the look-out for a meal, while prey animals are continuously grazing and looking for the opportunity to mate. A single lion kills about 15 large animals

15 May 2017

These Are The Top 10 Bloodiest Moments From The BBC Television Show ‘Planet Earth’

While I do not like the fact that the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), is a government controlled entity, I will say that there are quite a few programs on it that I do like and Planet Earth is one of them. I believe that this program is exceedingly well done

12 May 2017

Even A False-Charge By A Grizzly Is Enough To Make You Want To Change Your Underwear

According to the majority of bear people, there’s no such thing as a ‘bluff charge’,  or a ‘false charge’. It’s true, that charging bears often stop short of making contact with people, but ask yourself…why do they stop? They stop because the person they’re charging stands still. Your body language

08 May 2017

When Going On Safari In South Africa Don’t Do What These Stupid People Did [VIDEO]

I’m sure by now, that everyone who subscribes, or reads this magazine, has seen my articles about what happens when people get out of their cars while on a wild animal safari in Africa, especially when there are lions around. The same can be said for people who roll down

02 May 2017

Bear Goes Ballistic In Logging Camp Shows NO FEAR Of Man Or Machines In An Amazing Video

A bear casually strolls into a logging camp and shows everyone there, that he has no fear, nada, zip, zilch, of anyone , or anything and as the men sit in their truck, the bear just does his thing. I mean, who’s gonna stop him ? For those of you that

01 May 2017

That Horrific Moment Caught On Video When An Angry Rhino Charges Car Full Of Safari Goers

I don’t know how many times I have to say the same thing for folks to “get it”, but I’ll give it another bash okay ? These are wild and unpredictable animals in their own environment and when you step onto their turf…expect the UN-expected. This sort of thing shouldn’t come

29 Apr 2017

Lions Show Tourists At Kruger National Park Just Exactly What It Is They Do For A Living

This particular video was shot in Kruger National Park in South Africa, as you will see, safari-goers certainly got an up-close and personal view just as to what it is that lions do for a living. This video shows how 2 Male Lions hunt and kill an adult Kudu Bull