18 Jul 2017

Trying To Do His Good Deed For A Fox Caught In A Trap…This Man Finds-Out ‘They Do Bite’ (Ouch)

Unless you’re some kind of caveman, who wouldn’t have the compassion to set free an animal that was caught in a trap (especially the WRONG animal)? Well, the guy in the video below, came upon a little Grey Fox caught in his trap (he was trying to trap raccoon), so

17 Jul 2017

Folks On Safari Have The Fright Of Their Life When A Lion Opens Their Car Door…No Kidding !!

I have published several articles here about lions and folks on safari and what happens when you roll down your window, or get out of the car to get a better shot with a camera. Some people have been mauled and others have been killed. People just don’t seem to

16 Jul 2017

Watch As A Giant Catfish And Fox Get Into Tug Of War In An Awesome Viral Video

Foxes have an age-old reputation for cunning and intelligence and if this video is any proof, those claims are well deserved. One Lithuanian cameraman managed to capture footage of a fox attempting to pull in a huge catfish by rope. It doesn’t take long for the fox to realize that

09 Jul 2017

The Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake Florida’s Largest Venomous Snake

If you have a fear of snakes, then this article (and video below) might not be your cup of tea. In my youth while serving my country stationed at Fort Hood, in Killeen Texas, I encountered many different types of Venomous snakes, like Copperheads, Cottonmouths and Rattlesnakes. But, the Eastern Diamondback

23 Jun 2017

Water Snake Catches & Eats A Catfish At Falls Lake In North Carolina

This video was shot at Falls Lake, in North Carolina and I’m going-out on a limb here, but the snake appears to be a Copperhead (at least I think so). If that is the case , then fish and frogs make up the biggest part of the diet for this particular

22 Jun 2017

Here Are Some Ground Squirrel Kill Shots Caught On Video

What boy at one time or another, hasn’t taken-out a squirrel with a well placed shot from either a .22 cal rifle , or a .177 cal pellet gun ? My Dad used to tell me that when he was a kid growing-up during the Great depression, that if he

22 Jun 2017

An Incredible Video: Bear vs Cougar & You’ll LOVE the Ending

This is an incredible bit of cinematography and who ever came up with the original idea for this film, is an absolute genius. My question is, how on EARTH did they manage to get these animals trained to do all of this stuff in the first place ? The location(s)

17 Jun 2017

Incredible Footage: Hippopotamus Gives Birth And Saves Newborn From Hungry Crocodiles

While a full grown hippopotamus has nothing to fear from any crocodile, newborns and small calves are a different matter. More than one baby hippo has been snatched right out from under it’s mother by hungry crocodiles lurking nearby. In this particular instance, a hippo gave birth and we can

14 Jun 2017

[WARNING SHOCKING IMAGES] African Wild Dog Disembowels Impala While It’s Still Alive

If you listen to your average run-o-th-mill tree-hugger, nature is a beautiful place where all of the animals love each other and nothing bad ever happens. Well I’m here to tell you that’s just a big load of horse dung !! Nature is more often than not, a cruel and

03 Jun 2017


*WARNING*  The video that is contained within this article clearly shows 10 of the deadliest creatures known to man. If you have a weak stomach, then please click away and pass this particular article by, because once you have seen some of these creatures, you’ll never be able to UN-see