17 May 2017

The Taliban Thought They Were Safely Hidden When They Started Shooting At Americans…They Thought WRONG

Cowardly Taliban scum thought they were safely hidden in the hills when they started shooting at American forces. After one shot from the enemy, the Americans quickly surmised their position and started returning fire. And it didn’t end there, after placing some automatic fire from an M2 mounted on a

16 May 2017

[GREAT VIDEO] These Are The Top 5 Most Reliable Guns

While searching the web for material to put into article form, I came across the video below, titled, “Top 5 Most Reliable Guns”. It has received over 1.5 million views on YouTube and to be frank, I found it very interesting. The video itself is just over  9 minutes long

15 May 2017

One Of The Top Guns Of The Old West Wasn’t A Colt…Look Here To See What It Really Was

When we think of the Old West  and the guns used during that time in history, we always seem to think of the iconic Colt Peacemaker. While Colonel Colt and his gun were no doubt a significant part of American  history, there were other guns out there that were just

12 May 2017

A Perfect Example Of Why You Don’t Fire A Machine Gun Like Good Ol’ “Jihadi John” Here

This is just another installment of :“What NOT to do when firing a machine gun that should be on a bi-pod, or mounted on a tripod”. In the video below, we see some dumbass ISIS (or FSA) fighter thinking he’s Sylvester Stallone, or Arnold Schwarzenegger, standing in the middle of

12 May 2017

U.S. Navy MK-38 25mm Gun System Live-Fire Exercise On Fast Attack Boat…THIS IS SO COOL

The MK-38 is a 25-mm machine gun installed for ship self-defense to counter high speed maneuvering surface targets, such as small, fast attack boats, that are used by Somali pirates and also by the Iranian navy. Watch ammunition rain down on an approaching unmanned small fast-boat as Sailors and Marines aboard

09 May 2017

Feeding The Beast: Arming The A-10 Warthog

Out of all the different weapons that are in our disposal, the A-10 (aka Warthog) is my favorite. This aircraft virtually defines the term “Bad ass”. Not only is it armed to the teeth, it can take one helluva beating and still bring it’s pilot home safe & sound without

07 May 2017

“Frag Out”: Live Fire Training Exercises With The 101st Airborne

There is nothing as much fun than going on live fire exercises, not only do you get to shoot stuff…you get to blow it up as well. A group of US soldiers training with real M18A1 Claymore’s with the help of a Bic pen for stabilizing and aiming the mine in

06 May 2017

With Fathers Day Coming Here’s A Great Gift Idea: The SRM 1216 12 Gauge Semi-Automatic Shotgun

With Fathers Day coming next month, here’s a great gift idea for your old man- it’s the SRM 1216 12 Gauge Semi-Automatic Shotgun. And boy-oh-boy, this thing is slicker than snot on a doorknob !! Now I always get a little giddy when a new weapon hits the market and it

05 May 2017

Hot Shots 2017 Calendar: Behind The Scenes Of “Operation Desert Fox”

Hot Shots calendars have found the perfect way to make sure that men all over the world will never forget an important date, they combine the hottest girls on the planet, throw-in all kinds of guns and make the most awesome calendars the world has ever seen. For a tenth

03 May 2017

What’s It Like To Get Shot…Look Here And See For Yourself

Getting shot is not fun and it’s no damn picnic, I’ve been shot twice and believe me, it has two effects on a person (at least for me); one is, it can really scare the living crap out of you, or, it will really piss you off. I have experienced