15 Jul 2017

Here’s A Cool Video…’Best Weapons & Skillshots 2016′

In a video long gone viral, we get to see a veritable plethora of many different kinds of firearms and different skillshots from several different people, both male and female. A Skillshot is a type of champion ability that casts a projectile that requires careful aim to hit a target. Skillshots projectiles

08 Jul 2017

Holy Cow…Watch As Linnea Fires The Barrett .50 Cal Rifle

There are two things that most men are really interested in…one is hot girls and second…is guns. But when you combine the two together, well, it’s like taking a trip to “happy fun candy land” (for men at least). In the video below, we see Linnea as she shoots the

07 Jul 2017

The Sam Yang Dragon Claw Dual Tank .50 Cal Air Gun…Yes ‘Air Gun’

Normally, when one thinks about ‘air guns’, we right off the bat think about a  .177 Pellet Rifle with a scope, that you can buy at your local Walmart, Kroger’s, or Fred Meyer store. But the Dragon Claw made by Sam Yang, certainly blows those little pellet guns right out of the

25 Jun 2017

The KRISS Vector Is Quite Possibly The Best Submachine Gun Out There Right Now

This is the real deal boys & girls!! In the video below, YouTuber Iraqveteran8888, is firing the select fire KRISS Vector submachine gun. This weapon is simply amazing and the rate of fire is ridiculous (and by ‘ridiculous’ I mean a ridiculously HIGH rate of fire). The KRISS Vector series are

21 Jun 2017

These Are FPS Russia’s Funniest Moments

There’s not much I can say about this, except that this video is a collection of Kyle Myers’s (aka FPS Russia) funniest moments. Born in Hart County, Georgia, in 1986, Kyle Myers began making Let’s Play-style videos when YouTube was still an independent company, around 2007. The videos showed him

19 Jun 2017

Ashley Goes To The Range With The Romanian MD.90

JMac Customs’ videos are usually pretty good, they always feature Ashley and since everyone likes to look at a beautiful woman shooting a really cool firearm, folks are never disappointed when they tune-in. Today Ashley is firing the Romanian MD.90. The Romanian MD.90, is a variant of the MD.63 only essentially

18 Jun 2017

What’s Better Than Watching A Bunch Of Hot Girls Shooting Automatic Weapons…Nothing (unless you’re blind)

While searching through YouTube for videos of hot girls shooting automatic weapons, I came across the video below. ‘Skin & Guns’…what could possibly be more American than that? If you are an all American red-blooded male from anywhere in the United States (San Francisco & Fire Island excluded), what on

17 Jun 2017

The Weapons Of Adolph Hitler’s Nazi Germany: The MG-34 & MG-42

The Second World War in Europe ended over seventy years ago and Adolph Hitler’s evil legacy has certainly not been forgotten, or even diminished, during the last seven decades and rightly so. Adolph Hitler has been called one of, if not “the”, most evil man of all time. Not only

14 Jun 2017

The Awesome Firepower Of The SMASH 30mm Remote Controlled Stabilized Naval Gun System

The video below as well as the description above it, come to us courtesy of :ASELSAN. It is a company of Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, established in 1975 in order to meet the communication needs of the Turkish Armed Forces by national means. ASELSAN is the largest defense electronics company of

14 Jun 2017

R.Lee Ermey’s History Channel Show ‘Mail Call’ & These Are His SNAFU Extra Salty Bloopers [WARNING STRONG ADULT LANGUAGE]

First-off, I want to make a disclaimer- if you, or other’s in your household are offended by strong adult language, then this isn’t the video for you. Since this video isn’t censored and it’s called ‘SNAFU Bloopers’, Gunny R.Lee Ermey uses some pretty salty, harsh and rather strong adult language.