11 Feb 2015

Video – The “4 Block” Rocket Stove!

This 4 Block Rocket Stove constructs quickly and burns hot. So hot that this guy burned his sandwich!

10 Feb 2015

Video – Russian Testing, AR versus AK

Interesting tests of an M16 A1 vs an AK-74, conducted by Russian Armed Forces.

08 Feb 2015

Video – Primitive Fire Craft Using a Hand Drill

This video demonstrates the “floating hand” method of using a hand drill. Have you ever tried this technique? Enjoy!    

07 Feb 2015

Food Storage in Buckets – Mylar Bags and 02 Absorbers

This fantastic video demonstrates the best methods of storing food in Mylar Bags and Buckets. You can store a surprising amount of food for your home at low costs using these techniques.

05 Feb 2015

Video – The Viking Tactics Sling

Check out this Instructional Video from Viking Tactics and see the versatility of their sling. The difference-maker for this sling is somewhat of a “why didn’t I think of that?” improvisation, as the sling features an alice pack style quick adjust (see below.) Bookmark this video for practicing drills with

04 Feb 2015

Everyday Carry – The Sticky Holster

Concealed carry can be a challenge, especially in the summer months when heat is a factor and jackets or coats are not worn. Sometimes, I would love to carry a large .50 caliber handgun, though I have no way to effectively conceal it when wearing board shorts and a t-shirt.

03 Feb 2015

5 Reasons to Add Pitch Wood to Your Survival Kit

For many backpackers who like to minimize weight and space in their ruck, the addition of a small piece of Pitch Wood may seem inefficient. The unfortunate backpacker who happens to fall in an icy creek, however, will appreciate the fast availability of pitch wood that has been stowed away

03 Feb 2015

Video – How To Make A Brick Rocket Stove

I watched this video then built the rocket stove and have used it to make breakfast, coffee, and to boil water. In every instance only small pieces of wood were necessary. Try it out!

02 Feb 2015

Video: Long Term Food Storage with Mylar Bags and a Vacuum Sealer

Great improvisation! This video demonstrates a unique method of storing food in mylar bags using a vacuum sealer and a hot iron.

01 Feb 2015

Add a Cast Net to Your Survival Kit

A Cast Net can be an effective means of harvesting bait or even larger fish to be eaten. The use of a Cast Net may seem intimidating but this how-to video breaks it down step-by-step. This type of net could come in handy if hungry and in need of dinner!