09 Apr 2017

“Cop Killer” Shooting Captured On Bodycam [WARNING GRAPHIC ADULT LANGUAGE & VIOLENCE]

A cop killer met a violent & deserved end when he decided to go on a rampage and attempted to kill as many police officers as he could. I must warn you- that the footage below is highly graphic in content and if you have any children in your home, do

05 Apr 2017

Here Are 5 Guns That The Obama Administration Really Didn’t Want You To Have

So here we have 5 guns that the Obama administration really, really didn’t want you to have, or own. It’s NO SECRET that during the last 8 years of Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency, the democrats did almost everything they could to ‘backdoor’ the Constitution and in particular, the 2nd Amendment.

29 Mar 2017

Hickok45 Takes Us Down Memory Lane And Fires The Swiss K31 Rifle

Today, our old buddy Hickok45 takes us for a stroll down memory lane and demonstrates for us the awesome Swiss K31 rifle. Since Switzerland has always been a neutral country, it’s a pretty safe bet, that the rifle he’s using in the video today, has never been fired in anger.

28 Mar 2017

What Is The Best Kind Of Somali Pirate…A DEAD One [GREAT VIDEO]

During the last couple decades or so, we have seen a re-birth of piracy, no, not in the Caribbean..but in the Indian Ocean, mainly off of the Somali coast. Somalia is nothing more than a terrorist state where these new pirates come and go from with impunity. To their minds,

07 Mar 2017

American Kids Learn To Put Condoms On Cucumbers While Russian Kids Learn Something Else

Yes, it’s sad but true, American kids as early as 6th grade, learn to how to properly put condoms on cucumbers, meanwhile in Russia, school kids learn something a little more useful that could actually SAVE their lives. Here at Survival Nation, we do our best to leave politics out

06 Mar 2017

During A Street Fight A New York Man Gets His Clock Cleaned [Violent Video]

In the video below, we see a young man from New York get his clock cleaned by an Arizona man. Things like this are so UN-NECESSARY, it doesn’t have to come to violence. The New Yorker could have just kept his mouth shut and kept on walking, but he didn’t.

04 Mar 2017

Bunny Hunter Wants To Truly Empower Young Ladies…Watch & See How

Gun enthusiast and survivalist Bunny Hunter wants to truly “empower” you young ladies. While idiots like Madonna, Ashley Judd and  “Rosie” O’Donnell, stand screaming vile crap at protest rallies about “blowing up the White House”, being a “nasty woman”, or, “He lies, he lies, he lies, he lies”, which isn’t

04 Mar 2017

Very Nice Looking Blonde Woman Firing The PSL 7.62x54R Rifle

In the video beneath this paragraph we see a very nice looking blonde woman firing a PSL 7.62x 54R rifle. If there are some who think that the rifle in the video is a Dragunov, let me assure you, that it isn’t. The Romanian PSL may look similar to the Dragonov, but

28 Feb 2017

Big Mouth Tough Guy Walks Off The Street & Challenges MMA Fighter

A big-mouth tough-guy walks off the street & challenges a real honest-to-God Mixed Martial Arts fighter to a one-on-one match. Am I the only one who thinks this was a bad idea ? The gentleman in the video below, quite literally walked-off of the street and into a Dojo for

17 Feb 2017

Watch As 20 Pound French Bulldog Runs-Off Two Bears At Once

Someone forgot to tell this little 20 pound French Bulldog that he shouldn’t be taking on two bears at once. This is an old story, but one that I thought was worthy of re-telling again. Why is it that the littlest dogs, always seem to have the biggest balls, here’s