07 Jul 2017

How You Know When Your Little Girl Is Combat Ready

Being a parent isn’t an easy task, especially in today’s world. The only thing you can do, is make sure that your child has all the proper skills, so that they can navigate in an ever-changing society. Me personally, I like the idea of making sure that your child is

25 Jun 2017

How Tough Is A Hi-Point .40 S&W…Look Here And Find Out For Yourself

Brand new right out of the box, the Hi-Point .40 S&W goes for just under $200.00. Now, I never would put any pistol through the kind of punishment that the guy in the video below is going to do, but, it might make some of you Hi-Point ‘haters’ possibly change

22 Jun 2017

Isn’t Jesse Jane McParland Just The Sweetest Little Ninja Assassin EVER ?

Sweet little Jesse Jane McParland is just your average, darling 9 year old girl…except for one thing- she is a master of martial arts. She is already a world champion kick boxer, with an astonishing 117 martial arts titles under her belt. And what she’s really good at, is swordsmanship.

19 Jun 2017

Here’s The Self Contained Wireless 12 Gauge Taser Round

I’m sure there will be some idiot on the left that claims that this constitutes ‘cruel and unusual punishment’, but think about it for a moment, what would you rather want to be, dead, or just tased? Technology marches on, now a police officer doesn’t have to get danger-close to

19 Jun 2017

These Are The Top 5 Underrated and Obscure Concealed Carry Guns

In the episode of TFBTV below, James talks about five guns that he believes are under the radar in terms of being viable concealed carry options. While there are a lot of great concealed carry options out there (and while there are a lot more than five underrated concealed carry

18 Jun 2017

Here’s A Great Little Pocket Gun: The Beretta 3032 Tomcat

Whether your a man, or a woman in search of a nice little pocket gun, you can’t do better than the Beretta 3032 Tomcat. Comparable in size to a smartphone, the Beretta 3032 Tomcat is tiny while offering the power of the .32 ACP cartridge. As such, this double/single-action autopistol it is

12 Jun 2017

Here Are The Top 5 Most Badass Guns That You Can Buy Today

The marketplace for firearms in the US has not been this rich with options since the 1980’s, and consumers now have more choices than they have in decades. In the crowded marketplace however, a few offerings stand out to us as being particularly neat or unusual. Well, with a big

10 Jun 2017

Oh Yeah Baby…Let’s ‘Rock n Roll’ W/The Russian AK-107

I’m going to dedicate this article to all of you die-hard “AK” guys out there, you should believe me when I tell you- that THIS is the AK rifle that you’ve been dreaming about. The recoil is almost virtually NON-EXISTENT and even on full auto, this assault rifle purrs like

09 Jun 2017

Here’s The Smith & Wesson Model 66 Combat Magnum

I’m always on the look-out for a nice little conceal-carry gun that packs a punch and the Smith & Wesson Model 66 Combat Magnum sure fits the bill. With a .357 magnum load at close quarters, it leaves no doubt in one’s mind, that you’re sure to come out on

07 Jun 2017

Here Is Sammy Shooting The AR-15 For The First Time

For obvious reasons I chose this video, Sammy is really hot and any woman who likes to shoot, has gotta be a “keeper” and Sammy sure fits the bill. Also, here’s a little bit of information below regarding the AR-15 (for those of you who just happen to live in