17 Feb 2017

Watch As 20 Pound French Bulldog Runs-Off Two Bears At Once

Someone forgot to tell this little 20 pound French Bulldog that he shouldn’t be taking on two bears at once. This is an old story, but one that I thought was worthy of re-telling again. Why is it that the littlest dogs, always seem to have the biggest balls, here’s

13 Feb 2017

Now This Kid Is A Future Pistol Champion In The Making

The kid in the video below is only 5 years old, but he’s already a future pistol champion in the making. If you teach your children at an early age about guns and gun safety, not only will you be saving that child’s life, but you’ll be saving the lives of

09 Feb 2017

The Medusa M-47 Multi-Caliber Revolver

So here we have the Medusa M-47 multi-caliber revolver, I found this very interesting for a number of reasons. Every semi-auto pistol, or revolver, usually fires ONE type of ammunition and we’re all familiar with that, but these folks developed a revolver that will fire an assortment of  different caliber

08 Feb 2017

Fending Off A Moose Attack Like A Viking

If you ever wondered what to do when a moose attacks, then watch this video, because the guy in this video defends himself “Viking style”. When moose do attack, they don’t mess around and they’re not going to stop until they have done serious damage, or possibly even kill you. Moose aren’t

07 Feb 2017

The 700 WTF Rifle…When You Need To Kill A Pesky Tyrannosaurs Rex Bothering You

So you’re having problems with a pesky  Tyrannosaurus Rex always getting into your backyard and eating your dog and you want it to stop…then the 700 WTF rifle is just the firearm you’re looking for. Because if you are armed with a rifle that fires the .700 Nitro Express cartridge,

06 Feb 2017

Erica Fires The Serbu BFG-50A .50 BMG During Quality Range Time

So here we have Erica spending some quality range time and her choice of weapons; the Serbu BFG-50A .50 BMG. It’s one thing to see a woman shoot. It’s another thing to see them fire an automatic weapon, but to see a gal fire a .50 caliber rifle…that that takes things

05 Feb 2017

How To Make A Silencer Out Of A Flashlight

If you ever wanted to know how you can make a silencer out of a flashlight, then this is for you. I found this while searching the web and I felt I should pass it on to all of you. Now, in some states (like Washington State), they do no allow

05 Feb 2017

Here’s The Hi-Point Carbine: Inexpensive & Reliable

Here’s The Hi-Point Carbine, it’s inexpensive & reliable and an all around fun weapon to shoot. There are alot of good firearms out there, but if you are like me, they are usually out of my price range. Enter the Hi-Point Carbine, inexpensive and reliable. This weapon comes in different

04 Feb 2017

ARMTAC Monotube Integral Suppressor…This Literally Is Silent Death

The one thing you’ll notice right away wen using the ARMTAC monotube integral suppressor is, just how quiet it really is. This virtually is, ‘silent death’, your target won’t hear a thing, in fact, it’s “Movie Quiet”, meaning, there is literally almost no sound at all. They put it on

02 Feb 2017

Going Full Auto With The Alexander Arms 50 Beowulf

When going full auto with the Alexander Arms 50 Beowulf, you might want to have a wall at your back, because you’ll need something steady to lean on.  After serving in the United States Army for more than half a decade, I have pretty much (at that time 42 years