17 Oct 2017

Baltimore Police Release Bodycam Video Of Fatal Police Shooting Of Armed Robbery Suspect

I wonder, when will the hate-group known as “Black Lives Matter” plan their protest regarding this ? Even though the video clearly shows the suspect was armed, the weapon wasn’t loaded, so BLM can claim (like they always do) that this was just another act of genocide by the police.

16 Sep 2017

Pay Attention Antifa…Here’s A Great Video That Shows You ‘How To Punch A Nazi’

Just to prove to all the members of Antifa, that we here at Survival Nation have a heart…we present to you this awesome instructional video. Now, according to our little friends in Antifa…the Nazi Party has once again managed to gain a significant foothold in the United States of America.

05 Sep 2017

You Just Can’t Beat A Classic: The Browning Hi-Power 9mm

Our old buddy Hickok45 is back and look what he brought out to the range, his trusty old Browning Hi-Power 9mm pistol. I realize there are alot of great 9mm handguns out there on the market, but this pistol stands apart from the crowd. Maybe it’s because I’m older, but

28 Aug 2017

These Are The Top 5 9mm Handguns Everyone Should Own

Before we get to the video, there is something you should be made aware of, the guys that made the video are experts in their field, they are not telling you that you HAVE to own any of the handguns spotlighted, it is merely a ‘suggestion’, based on several factors.

04 Aug 2017

Here Are Some Good Guns For Home Defense

The debate on whether certain firearms as opposed to other’s are better for home defense goes on, I’m sure that if you ask 5 people that question, you will get 5 different answers. The most important thing to remember is, you use what ever firearm you want for this purpose,

23 Jul 2017

The ‘Urban Carry G2’ An Incredible Concealed Carry Holster So Well Made…Nobody Will Know You Carry

The G2 Urban Carry is a uniquely designed holster to comfortably carry your concealed firearm with any outfit for nearly any situation. Proudly made in the United States of America the Urban Carry is made with 100% genuine saddle grade leather. The G2 Urban Carry is a rapid deploying uniquely

21 Jul 2017

Here’s Something Right Out Of A Sci-Fi Movie: The UTS 15 Shotgun

Hickok45 is showing us a very interesting firearm, the UTS 15 Shotgun. Now, I realize that this particular video is a little longer that most, but it’s definitely worth watching. Say what you will about our old buddy Hickok45, but he’s thorough and doesn’t leave any stone un-turned when it

17 Jul 2017

Here’s An Awesome Gun…The Serbu Super Shorty 12 Gauge

Every now and then something comes along that really grabs my attention and I think to myself- ‘I really want one of those’. Well, today our old buddy Hickok45 shows us and awesome piece, the ‘Super Shorty’ made by Serbu, Firearms inc. What this is, is a 12 gauge shotgun,

17 Jul 2017

New Bullet Technology Makes It Hard To Miss…But Before You Buy This Ammo Watch This Video

In this particular episode of Demolition Ranch, he’s highlighting a new brand of ammunition from a company called: Advanced Ballistics Concepts. The whole concept behind this ammunition, is that even if you’re a poor shot, you’ll still hit your target. As you will see, I am placing information and links about

07 Jul 2017

The Best Bang For Your Buck…3 Great Guns For Under $300.00

Whenever I do one of these “best bang for your buck” type articles, there is always one guy, (or several) out there, that try to come-off as some kind of “gun aficionado” and says that the gun(s) mentioned in the article are crap and I should just keep my mouth