28 Apr 2017

The Most Destructive 12 Gauge Round Ever Made…Let’s See Just What It Can Do

I sure do love going out and shooting my 12 Gauge Remington 870 Express shotgun, in my humble opinion, it one of the finest shotguns ever made. And when you set-up a target and blast-off a few rounds of 00-Buckshot…well, it’s just too darn much fun. It’s very apparent to

28 Apr 2017

Watch As 3 Taliban Scum Go To Meet ‘Allah’ In Person Courtesy Of Our Troops [GRAPHIC COMBAT FOOTAGE]

The Taliban thought they had some easy targets, but our troops sure showed them the error of their ways. These goat-humping, 7th century throw-backs, might be bad-asses when it comes to killing old people, women and children, but in a stand-up toe-to-toe fight…they usually do not do very well.  

24 Apr 2017

Marines In Firefight Against Taliban Terrorists…Take Notes You Little ANTIFA Snowflakes THIS Is What A REAL FIGHT Looks Like

If anyone from a foreign country (or even THIS country for that matter), were to say anything even remotely disrespectful about or troops, they’d get a throat-punch before they finished their sentence. American fighting men and women are some of the bravest people residing on this planet and deserve our

20 Apr 2017

Watch-Out Young Lady…That 20mm Gun Has One Helluva Recoil !

When it comes to women and firearms…I say “Why not” ? I just think it’s absolutely fantastic that women today have an interest in firearms. Liberals and other idiots, tell us we don’t need to own guns, they say that the police will take care of us if we have

14 Apr 2017

Shooting The AA-12 Full Auto Assault Shotgun

The Auto Assault-12 (AA-12), originally designed and known as the Atchisson Assault Shotgun, is a shotgun developed in 1972 by Maxwell Atchisson. There are some that would say that automatic fire from a rifle, or a shotgun is merely a waste of good ammunition…I disagree The most prominent feature of

12 Apr 2017

Here’s The Gun That Does it all…’The Taurus Judge’

Wouldn’t it be nice to carry two guns all rolled into one…well here you go- meet the ‘Taurus Judge’, a pistol that combines a .45 long colt and a .410 shotgun. This pistol fires everything from .45 long colt hollow points, to .410 #00 Buck, for whatever your particular needs

09 Apr 2017

“Cop Killer” Shooting Captured On Bodycam [WARNING GRAPHIC ADULT LANGUAGE & VIOLENCE]

A cop killer met a violent & deserved end when he decided to go on a rampage and attempted to kill as many police officers as he could. I must warn you- that the footage below is highly graphic in content and if you have any children in your home, do

05 Apr 2017

Here Are 5 Guns That The Obama Administration Really Didn’t Want You To Have

So here we have 5 guns that the Obama administration really, really didn’t want you to have, or own. It’s NO SECRET that during the last 8 years of Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency, the democrats did almost everything they could to ‘backdoor’ the Constitution and in particular, the 2nd Amendment.

29 Mar 2017

Hickok45 Takes Us Down Memory Lane And Fires The Swiss K31 Rifle

Today, our old buddy Hickok45 takes us for a stroll down memory lane and demonstrates for us the awesome Swiss K31 rifle. Since Switzerland has always been a neutral country, it’s a pretty safe bet, that the rifle he’s using in the video today, has never been fired in anger.

28 Mar 2017

What Is The Best Kind Of Somali Pirate…A DEAD One [GREAT VIDEO]

During the last couple decades or so, we have seen a re-birth of piracy, no, not in the Caribbean..but in the Indian Ocean, mainly off of the Somali coast. Somalia is nothing more than a terrorist state where these new pirates come and go from with impunity. To their minds,