25 Mar 2017

Rattlesnake Is Good Eating…Here’s How To Skin And Cook One

In the video below, it shows you how to skin and cook a rattlesnake. Now, there are some, who normally would touch a snake, let alone a rattlesnake, but if you are ever stranded out in the bush, one can’t afford to be picky when scrounging up a meal. I’ve

23 Mar 2017

Watch As A Monster Snapping Turtle Kicks Some Alligator Butt

Everyone thinks that alligators are the apex predators of the swamps, well here we see a monster sized snapping turtle kick some alligator butt AND take his food away too boot. Deep in an east Texas swamp a 300 pound creature ambushes a large alligator from below. What swamp creature

22 Mar 2017

10 Insane Animals Fights Caught On Video

From cobra vs mongoose, to lion vs tiger, we countdown the top 10 biggest animal fights caught on camera. Shocking fight, between a giraffe and a lion in the plains of Africa, most would assume that the giraffe would be defeated easily by the king of the jungle. However, this

06 Mar 2017

Watch As An Indigo Snake Eats A Burmese Python For Lunch

An Indigo snake makes a quick snack out of a young Burmese python. Newborn Burmese Pythons have to move quickly away from their nest before predators picks up their sent. The Indigo Snake is a formidable snake hunter, which would not hesitate to attack and feed on rattlesnakes, cottonmouth and

28 Feb 2017

World’s 5 BIGGEST CROCODILES Ever Caught On Film

Here we have the world’s 5 biggest crocodiles ever caught on film. No photo editing done, all of these monsters are 100% verified and are in the record books. Beneath the video are their names and a short description about each one. Crocodiles this size are about as close as

27 Feb 2017

Watch As A Large Python Eats Whole Alligator In Everglades

Watching a large python constrict and then eat an alligator whole will be enough to give you nightmares, especially if you have a fear of snakes. If you live in , or around certain areas in Florida, you might want to be aware of your surrounding, the video below was

26 Feb 2017

Villagers Cut Open Giant Anaconda Are Stunned After They See What Was Inside

Some local villagers stumbled upon a giant Anaconda and initially, they were apprehensive encountering the giant snake, until they realized that it was dead. Obviously, something the snake ate disagreed with it. And it’s last meal, was quite literally, it’s “last meal”. So they took their machetes and cut it

17 Feb 2017

Idiot Carelessly Plays With A King Cobra- You See Where This Is Going Right ?

Now watch as this idiot carelessly plays with a King Cobra and anyone with a brain can see where this is going and what will happen. First off, the King Cobra is the longest venomous snake in the world and can almost stand-up to look you right in the eye. And

13 Feb 2017

These Are The 10 Most Deadly Creatures Known To Man

Contained here in this article, are the 10 most deadly creatures known to man. While some are obvious, there are other’s that will definitely disgust you. But I must warn you, if you have a weak stomach…then click away and pass this article by, because once you have seen some

12 Feb 2017

Believe It Or Not There Are Prehistoric Creatures That Still Exist Today

Seriously, there are several prehistoric creatures that still exist today and no, I’m not talking about Tyrannosaurus Rex, or saber tooth tigers wandering around Detroit. I’m talking about certain creatures that have managed to survive the eons and that are still with us even now. Some aren’t readily visible and