25 May 2017

Horror In Zimbabwe…Local Officials Cut Open Suspected Man-Eating Crocodile And What They Found Inside The Beast Made Their Blood Run Cold

According to a news reporter from Kariba, Zimbabwe, a large crocodile was killed because it was rumored that the animal had killed a local man. After authorities found and killed the animal, they cut it open and what they found inside the croc was horrifying. The photos below clearly show

17 May 2017

These Are 8 Of The DEADLIEST Creatures Of The Amazon

If you’re thinking of taking a vacation to the Amazon to “get away from it all”, you don’t know just how right you might be. While it might seem like it would be the vacation of a lifetime, there are critters down there , that given the chance, would put

09 May 2017

OMG…Watch As A GIANT ALLIGATOR Takes A Stroll On A Golf Course In Florida

There are big alligators…and there are REALLY BIG alligators and the one in the video below, is definitely the latter. In a YouTube video that has OVER 21 Million views, you see this prehistoric throwback stroll calmly by a sand trap, crossing the fairway at Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto,

08 May 2017

Watch As Man Eating Crocodile Is Hunted And Killed By Local Authorities

KOTA SAMARAHAN, MALAYSIA: Sarawak Forestry (SFC), in collaboration with the police, have killed a crocodile suspected to be the one that attacked and killed a local fisherman, in March of 2016. SFC Swift Wildlife Action Team (SWAT) was deployed to the site immediately on being notified of the incident. The

03 May 2017

Shocking Video Of Man Loosing His Grip Only For A Second And An Anaconda Grabs It & Won’t Let Go

In Brazil in 2006, police are called to a local farm, where the farmer has spotted a 24 foot anaconda on his property, as the try to put the giant snake in a cage to transport it away, that’s when the snake strikes. It takes 3 other men to try

21 Apr 2017

A Real Fight To The Death In The Florida Everglades Caught On Video: Alligator vs Burmese Python

Not all that long ago, the alligator was the apex predator in the Florida Everglades. With the introduction of an invasive species like the Burmese Python….now the alligator has some serious competition , not only for food, but when these two predators meet, only one will come out on top. Burmese

19 Apr 2017

During A River Crossing Baby Elephant Is Attacked & Eaten By Hungry Crocodiles

Just because you’re an elephant doesn’t mean that you’re invincible, especially when you’re very young and in close proximity of starving crocodiles. Sadly for one baby elephant, such was the case. While attempting a river crossing a herd of elephants runs straight into a bunch of starving crocodiles. The croc’s

18 Apr 2017

Here Are 5 Horrifying Snake Attacks Caught On GoPro

Most snakes don’t want to be bothered by humans, but when cornered, they will attack. Here are 5 examples of snakes attacking a GoPro camera. All of these attacks, except one, occurred in the wild and the only reason they did attack, was because somebody stuck a camera in their

14 Apr 2017


While looking for a good snake video to put into an article, I came across one (below) that I thought was the real deal. In the video below that lasts for just over 14 minutes, you’ll notice that every single animal in it is absolute HUGE. The video is a

06 Apr 2017

Florida’s Venomous Snakes…The Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

Here is one of Florida’s most venomous snakes- the eastern diamondback rattlesnake. The eastern diamondback rattlesnakes is also Florida’s largest venomous snake, it’s bite can be fatal to humans but urbanization has decimated the population so much that this snake is rarely encountered by humans today. This rattlesnake feed mostly