25 Mar 2017

Rattlesnake Is Good Eating…Here’s How To Skin And Cook One

In the video below, it shows you how to skin and cook a rattlesnake. Now, there are some, who normally would touch a snake, let alone a rattlesnake, but if you are ever stranded out in the bush, one can’t afford to be picky when scrounging up a meal. I’ve

13 Feb 2017

These Are The 10 Most Deadly Creatures Known To Man

Contained here in this article, are the 10 most deadly creatures known to man. While some are obvious, there are other’s that will definitely disgust you. But I must warn you, if you have a weak stomach…then click away and pass this article by, because once you have seen some

08 Feb 2017

Fending Off A Moose Attack Like A Viking

If you ever wondered what to do when a moose attacks, then watch this video, because the guy in this video defends himself “Viking style”. When moose do attack, they don’t mess around and they’re not going to stop until they have done serious damage, or possibly even kill you. Moose aren’t

05 Feb 2017

Driving While Italian aka “D.W.I.” In The Carpool Lane

I know what you’re thinking….you’re thinking- “what the hell is Driving While Italian?”. Just so you know, not every person that get’s pulled-over by the police is black. People of all races get pulled-over for routine traffic stops. But in this particular case, our friend  “Guido” get’s pulled over by

29 Jan 2017

Things You Should Never Say To A Cop

There are certain things you never want to say to a cop. When I think back and remember all of the times that I have been stopped by a cop, there wasn’t one instance where I acted like a sarcastic idiot. I was taught by my parents and school teachers

28 Jan 2017

The Top Five Facts About Getting Shot

Getting shot is no joke, depending on the caliber of the bullet and the type of weapon being used, gunshot wounds can vary very differently. Firearms safety plays a big part in this, always make sure that any weapons you do have lying around the house, are empty and or,

26 Jan 2017

Watch As Girl Puts On A Dogs Shock Collar

Watching what happens when a girl puts on a dog’s shock collar is both entertaining and disheartening. What kind of person let’s herself get talked into putting on a dogs shock collar and then get’s talked into walking out in the yard to see what happens ?!?  Only in America

14 Nov 2016

Preparedness Alert: School Kids and Citizens Being Targeted for Supporting Donald Trump

If you have kids in school or have been vocal about your support for Donald Trump, you need to be aware that there are a number of groups calling for targeted attacks and killings of those who supported, voted for, or voice their support for our new President.

08 Nov 2016

8 Irreplacable Things That Won’t Work During A Long-Term Blackout

We all have dealt with power outages. Usually, it is very short-lived, and in fact, the first hour or so is kind of nice. It is romantic, mysterious and fun to just chill without the hum of it.

24 Oct 2016

8 ‘Weird-But-Essential’ Things You Aren’t Stockpiling (But Should Be)

You probably have seen at least a dozen lists pertaining to what you should be stockpiling just in case disaster strikes. It is a little hard to fathom that reality, but imagine going to Walmart or a similar store and finding aisles and aisles of empty shelves. You won’t be