20 May 2017

Suspect Pulls AR-15 On Police Officer…It Doesn’t End Well For The Suspect & It’s All Caught On Body Cam

During the 8 years of Barack Obama’s presidency, the narrative of homicidal racist cops was all over the news. Every time we turned-on the television, all we seemed to hear, was that another “innocent” suspect was brutally “gunned-down” by another blood-thirsty police officer. Well those days of politically-correct nonsense are

16 May 2017

Compilation Of Police Body Cam Shootouts [WARNING MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR ALL VIEWERS]

Police in the United States have a hard enough job as it is, they are not the terrible racist boogeymen that Barack Hussein Obama and the rest of the democrats in this country have made them out to be. Every single day across this country, in cities and towns just

09 May 2017

Rarely Seen Images Of Executions In China & They Will Make Your Blood Run Cold

When some state executes a prisoner here in the United States, it’s a virtual media circus. Every pro-life group comes out of the wood work and they all scramble to get in front of a television camera to talk about how “un-fair” , “barbaric”  and demeaning it is to execute

01 Mar 2017

When Obama Was President 911 Calls Went Something Like This…

Thank God in heaven we have a new President of the United States of America, one that wants to re-establish the rule of law. How on earth we managed to survive 8 years of Obama is beyond me, he almost brought the whole thing crashing down on our heads. And

11 Feb 2017

Body Cam Footage Of Police Officer Involved In Shooting Of Suspect

The video contained in this article, depicts a police officer involved in the shooting of a suspect and may not be appropriate for all viewers, viewer discretion is highly advised.  Being a police officer in this day and age is a tough, thankless job. Given the political climate of the last 8 years, we

08 Feb 2017

Two Police Officers Take Down Suspect As He Goes For His Gun

At the bottom of this article, is a very intense video of two police officers struggling with a suspect as he goes for his gun. Initially during a routine traffic stop, the two officers approach on opposite sides of the vehicle, which has multiple suspects in it. This is an

06 Feb 2017

Take A Look At What Cops Deal With Everyday

Take a look and see for yourself at what cops have to deal with, every single day when they put on their uniform and go to work…not pretty…is it ?  During the entire presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, all we have heard coming from the White House, Al Sharpton ,

05 Feb 2017

Driving While Italian aka “D.W.I.” In The Carpool Lane

I know what you’re thinking….you’re thinking- “what the hell is Driving While Italian?”. Just so you know, not every person that get’s pulled-over by the police is black. People of all races get pulled-over for routine traffic stops. But in this particular case, our friend  “Guido” get’s pulled over by

29 Jan 2017

Things You Should Never Say To A Cop

There are certain things you never want to say to a cop. When I think back and remember all of the times that I have been stopped by a cop, there wasn’t one instance where I acted like a sarcastic idiot. I was taught by my parents and school teachers