12 Oct 2017

So Antifa Wants to Bring Down Our Government And Make The U.S. Communist Eh? (Well Here’s What We Think Of You)

The Communist group known as “Antifa” (Anti-Fascist) was planning something BIG for November 4th, it’s all over the internet. They have been stockpiling weapons of different types (guns, knives etc…) and supposedly, they’ll try to start a nation-wide communist revolution. To that I say…I wish they would. Because once they

01 Oct 2017

As A U.S. Army Veteran This Is My Take On The NFL & Our National Anthem

As a writer, I sit in my office at home in front of my computer and I try to think of what kind of articles I’m going to write for the day. I’ve had writer’s block for almost a week and no matter how hard I try, nothing comes to

18 Jul 2017

Dating A Woman Who’s Anti-Gun Be Like….[WARNING ADULT LANGUAGE]

I don’t care if she has the perfect body, is a closet nymphomaniac and loves to cook and do housework…. if she doesn’t like guns, doesn’t believe in the 2nd Amendment and hates the American flag…she’s gotta go !  Sadly, too many men do not find-out until it’s too late

08 Jul 2017

A Hilariously Awesome Video Of An Epic Rap Battle Between Gun Owner & Liberal

I hate to say this, but this silly video really does speak truthfully about the differences between gun owner’s and liberals. Being a gun owner and a veteran, you could say that my views on gun ownership are pretty traditional. I strongly believe, that the people’s right to keep and

05 Jun 2017

ISIS Is On The Rampage And The Democrats Are Helping Them….Maybe It’s Time We Send ISIS & The Democrats A Message Of Our Own

I realize this particular type of narrative isn’t very popular with so-called “liberals”, but I don’t give a rats-ass. But given the fact that ISIS is on the rampage in 2017, even during their so-called “Holy Days” of Ramadan and since liberal politicians across Europe, Canada and even some here

26 May 2017

To All Communist ANTIFA Snowflakes… Look Here & Pay Attention…You Might Actually Learn Something

Think about this for a minute, you slimy little bought-and-paid-for Communist shills out there who are protesting and destroying private property…the reason you live in a free country and CAN protest, is because somebody paid for your freedom to do so, with their life. You call yourself “Anti-fascist”, but in

24 May 2017

Moron Celeb Katy Perry Weighs-in On Manchester Islamic Terror Attack & Here’s What I think Of Her Stupid Crap !!

I am sick to death with mega-wealthy, idiot Hollywood celebrities like Katy Perry, telling the rest of us what we should do regarding radical Islamic terrorists. These morons don’t live in the real world, they live in a cultural vacuum, surrounded by idiotic little liberal sycophants, who only want to

11 Feb 2017

The Greatest Generation…Do We deserve Their Sacrifice ?

When I watch the news these days, all I see, are college kids protesting, rioting and in general, causing mayhem and I wonder….did the “Greatest Generation” sacrifice too much ? The video below asks that very question, in it, a former US Navy SEAL, Dom Raso, talks about the horrific