25 May 2017

When You Want To Go Anywhere In The World On Or Off-Road The FUSO EARTHCRUISER 4X4 CAMPER Will Take You There

When you want to go off-road and have a real adventure, then the FUSO EARTHCRUISER 4X4 CAMPER EXP is what you need to get there in. While looking for off-road videos, I came upon this one, needless to say I was completely smitten !!  This vehicle will be my next purchase

19 Apr 2017

The BRUDER EXP-6: Go Anywhere On Any Kind Of Terrain In Style & Comfort

This is something I found while looking for a good trailer to buy, the BRUDER EXP-6 seems to be one of those “go-anywhere do-anything” type rigs. If you like to travel to out-of-the-way spaces, then this rig might just be what you are looking for. Even though they are made in