30 Nov 2017

My Uncle Chuck’s WWII Souvenir: A Walther P38

For years my cousin David has talked about the “Luger” pistol that his dad (my uncle) brought back from the war when he came home in late 1945. My uncle Chuck passed away a few years ago and over the years, since my cousin and I live in different states,

07 Oct 2017

Here Is A WWII Weapon That You Probably Haven’t Seen: The FG 42

Say what you will about the German Wehrmacht during World war II, but the weapons that they used (with deadly efficiency) were some of the best weapons in the world at that time. German arms manufacturing was at it’s peak during the second world war and one of the best

13 Sep 2017

The Mosin Nagant…The Cheapest Most Accurate & Durable Surplus Bolt Action Rifle You Can Buy

When one thinks of the weapons of the old Soviet Union (circa World War II) one weapon always comes to mind- the Mosin Nagant rifle, chambered in  a very awesome 7.62 x 54R caliber round. This is the rifle, that in the hands of the famous Soviet sniper, Vasily Grigoryevich Zaytsev,

31 Aug 2017

Here Are The Top 5 Most Accurate Military Surplus Rifles

For those of you who have never fired, or owned, one of the rifles showcased in the video below, you’d be more than surprised as to how well these old rifles can perform and their accuracy is second to none. In this video below, these guys go over the most accurate

28 Aug 2017

Video Shows Hellfire Raining Down On Insurgents Planting IED’s

You reap what you sow and when you plant IED’s to kill people, when you get wiped-out by hellfire from above, it’s all good. I cannot count how many of our brave servicemen have been killed, or seriously wounded, by this type of explosive device. It is definitely a cowards

19 Jul 2017

Watch As 3 Taliban Get Completely Smoked By An Apache

It just puts a great big smile on my face every time I see a rat-bastard terrorist get sent straight to hell by our troops. These Taliban terrorists haven’t seemed to learn that they are fighting against the single most well-equipped fighting force the world has ever seen. That’s their

22 Jun 2017

[DEFINITELY A MUST SEE VIDEO] Watch This Sniper Take-Out The ISIS Bad Guys

If you’re like me, nothing makes you happier, than seeing a sniper take-out the bad guys with a single shot. A centuries-old tool of warfare, sniping is being refined here as a military option with modern-day applications. Snipers are invaluable for light infantry maneuvering and nighttime defense and in the twilight

21 Jun 2017

A Very Lucky Marine Survives A Headshot From A Taliban Sniper By Mere Inches In Afghanistan

Talk about one lucky guy, somebody (the ‘man upstairs’ more than likely) was looking-out for this young U.S. Marine on this particular day. If it was a Marine Scout Sniper making the shot, he wouldn’t have missed.  A U.S Marine survives a non-fatal head-shot by Taliban sniper in Afghanistan. Luckily

17 Jun 2017

The Weapons Of Adolph Hitler’s Nazi Germany: The MG-34 & MG-42

The Second World War in Europe ended over seventy years ago and Adolph Hitler’s evil legacy has certainly not been forgotten, or even diminished, during the last seven decades and rightly so. Adolph Hitler has been called one of, if not “the”, most evil man of all time. Not only

14 Jun 2017

The Awesome Firepower Of The SMASH 30mm Remote Controlled Stabilized Naval Gun System

The video below as well as the description above it, come to us courtesy of :ASELSAN. It is a company of Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, established in 1975 in order to meet the communication needs of the Turkish Armed Forces by national means. ASELSAN is the largest defense electronics company of