24 May 2017

Shocking Video Of Sea Lion Grabbing Little Girl And Dragging Her Off The Dock

In a video posted to YouTube on May 20th, 2017, by a young man named Michael Fujiwara, we see a little girl grabbed by a sea lion and pulled right off the dock and dragged into the water in British Columbia. I myself have had several encounters with sea lions

17 May 2017

Great White Shark Called ‘Deep Blue’ Is Believed To Be The Biggest Ever Caught On Film [Photos & Video]

Interestingly, this female great white shark was filmed off the coast of Guadalupe Island, Mexico in 2013. Named “Deep Blue”, she is believed to be the biggest great white shark ever caught on video. “Deep Blue” is believed to be 20 long and over 50 years old. This mammoth shark was originally

16 May 2017

A Perfect Example Why Little Boats And Great White Sharks Don’t Mix [VIDEO]

In a YouTube video that has received over 6 million views, we see shark experts, Jeff Kurr and Andy Casagrande come face to face with a very aggressive great white shark that almost bit through their small boat’s tow-line, while shooting the documentary film, ‘Lair of the Megashark’. It was just off New

15 May 2017

The Ultimate Apex Ocean Predator Killer Whales Or Great White Sharks…The Answer Here

So, who is the better killer…the fearsome great white shark, or, the killer whale ? Both animals are fearsome predators, other than one being a fish and the other a mammal, what is the big difference?  The video below answers those very questions and much, much more. Both marine animals

03 May 2017

Do You Like Clams…Then You’ll Love This One…It’s HUGE !

The video I’m using comes from YouTube and the title is: ” Street Food in Japan: Giant Clam”and has already garnered over a whopping 5.4 million views (and counting). Coming upon a giant clam like this is a rare occurrence and I’m sure some lucky fish market shopper is going to

24 Apr 2017

Swimming With A Barracuda As It Devours A Lionfish

This video of a barracuda snagging a lionfish was taken off Glover’s Reef , in Belize. Now, since lionfish are not native to the Atlantic, Caribbean, or the gulf of Mexico, this presents quite  problem as they are an invasive species. Lionfish are native to the Indo-Pacific, but are now

05 Apr 2017

Caught On Camera: Shocking & Horrifying Moments While Fishing

These clips in the video below are not “stranger hiding under the bed”, or “maniac ax murderer” horrifying; they are horrifying in the sense that they are shocking events, things that most people would not expect, when out for a leisurely day of fishing. Like you’re about to see, these are the

03 Apr 2017

A 9 Ft. Great White Shark Was Eaten By Some Large “Unknown” Sea Creature

At 4am on Christmas Eve a tagged shark was eaten by a massive unknown sea creature A 9ft. long great white shark eaten by Megalodon? A giant “unknown” sea creature ate a 9 foot shark. The 3 meter shark, ‘alpha’,  was suddenly taken under by some sea animal. Documentary Filmmaker

29 Mar 2017

Lunch-Time In The Arctic Circle As A Polar Bear Grabs A Sleeping Walrus

When hungry polar bears have it in mind to have walrus for lunch, there’s usually no stopping them. And such is the case in the video below, The walruses were just hanging-out on the ice and when they saw a hungry polar bear approach, the majority of them headed for

28 Mar 2017

What Happens When You Slice Open A Beached Whale…Look Here And See

Have you ever wondered what happens when you cut into the carcass of a beached whale…well, if you have a strong stomach then scroll down to the video and see what happens for yourself. A camera captured the moment a sperm whale carcass, which washed up in the Faroe Islands,