12 Oct 2017

This Looks Like Alot Of Fun: Flats Fishing In Florida

Since I live in the Pacific Northwest and have only briefly visited Florida when I was in the Army over 40 years ago, I’ve never heard, or known about “Fishing the Flats”. So, I did some digging and from all of the material & videos I’ve seen, it looks like

07 Oct 2017

The Best Scalloping Destination In Florida…Courtesy Of Luiza

Luiza & Capt, Jimmy Nelson on a fun scalloping trip out of the Plantation on Crystal River. Call it an Easter Egg Hunt Florida-style. Every summer, the star of the sea is the delectable Bay Scallop of the warm shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a fun family-friendly underwater

05 Oct 2017

Does Megalodon Still Exist…Check Out This 2017 Documentary Collection Of Best Sightings

First let me say something, I am not saying that Megalodon DOES exist, I am only trying to play devil’s advocate here and offer different possibilities. Alot of folks will say, because we’ve never seen it, it simply doesn’t exist. There are species that we thought were extinct, but found

08 Aug 2017

[A MUST SEE VIDEO] Man Is Almost Eaten Alive By Great White Shark & Somehow Survives To Tell The Tale

Man might think that he is the ultimate life-form on the planet, but when faced by an apex predator in it’s own environment, man is a couple of clicks down on the food-chain. When out in the open, without a weapon, we are just as vulnerable to the attacks of

08 Aug 2017

Luiza Goes Fishing Off Anna Maria Island For Goliath Grouper

In this particular video (below), we see Luiza go fishing for Goliath Grouper off of Anna Maria Island off the western Florida coast. But before you watch the video, let me give you a little history about Anna Maria Island and the Goliath Grouper. An adventure like this doesn’t come

07 Aug 2017

Here Are 5 Alleged Megalodon Sightings Caught On Camera…You Decide If They Are Real

The oceans cover 71 percent of the earth’s surface and contain 97 percent of the earth’s water. Less than 1 percent of the earth’s water is fresh water, and 2-3 percent is contained in glaciers and ice caps. The oceans contain 99 percent of the living space on the planet. To think that man has discovered all the life that

31 Jul 2017

Watch As These Beautiful Women Go ‘Bikini Bowfishing’

If you ask the average guy what he thinks about hot girls on a boat and what they’d be doing there, he’d probably tell you, that they are obviously there to sip champagne and get a tan. Well, for the young ladies in the video below, they have a slightly

22 Jul 2017

Fishing Diving & Snorkeling…These Young Ladies Do It All Off The Florida Keys

The 120-mile Florida Keys island chain is home to the continental United States’ only living-coral barrier reef. This teeming backbone of marine life runs the length of the Keys about five miles offshore and offers Florida Keys scuba diving vacation memories that last a lifetime. The coral formations are famous

18 Jul 2017

Fishing Off The Boat For Snook In Florida With Luiza

The young lady in the video fishing for Snook in Florida, is a Brazilian-born beauty named “Luiza”. Luiza has her own website and YouTube channel where she posts photos and videos of her globetrotting adventures. And from what we can see in the video below, you might consider checking-out both her

16 Jul 2017

Hmmm….Maybe I Should Go Fishing For Red Snapper

It was this girl’s first time fishing for red snapper off of the east coast of Florida, with ‘Back To Blue Adventures’ and truth be told, I’m glad someone took a camera along, otherwise we might have missed this. I’ve been fishing all of my life and I’ve never seen