26 May 2017

Islamic Terrorists Slaughter Coptic Christians In Egypt Leaving 28 Dead [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

Gunmen attacked a bus carrying Coptic Christians in al-Adwa, Minya province, on Friday, killing at least 28, including children, and wounding 22 other people, according to reports. The attack took place on the road to the St. Samuel Monastery in al-Adwa city, north of Minya. Ambulances transported the injured to

25 May 2017

Horror In Zimbabwe…Local Officials Cut Open Suspected Man-Eating Crocodile And What They Found Inside The Beast Made Their Blood Run Cold

According to a news reporter from Kariba, Zimbabwe, a large crocodile was killed because it was rumored that the animal had killed a local man. After authorities found and killed the animal, they cut it open and what they found inside the croc was horrifying. The photos below clearly show

24 May 2017

Moron Celeb Katy Perry Weighs-in On Manchester Islamic Terror Attack & Here’s What I think Of Her Stupid Crap !!

I am sick to death with mega-wealthy, idiot Hollywood celebrities like Katy Perry, telling the rest of us what we should do regarding radical Islamic terrorists. These morons don’t live in the real world, they live in a cultural vacuum, surrounded by idiotic little liberal sycophants, who only want to

20 May 2017

Real Life “Cyclops” Goat Born In India [VIDEO]

When we hear the word “Cyclops”, we immediately tend to think ancient Greek myths,well this isn’t any myth. This is NO JOKE, or hoax. A one-eyed goat was recently born in a village in the northeastern Indian state of Assam. Local veterinarians predicted that the baby goat will die within a

09 May 2017

Rarely Seen Images Of Executions In China & They Will Make Your Blood Run Cold

When some state executes a prisoner here in the United States, it’s a virtual media circus. Every pro-life group comes out of the wood work and they all scramble to get in front of a television camera to talk about how “un-fair” , “barbaric”  and demeaning it is to execute

08 May 2017

Here’s How Muslims In France Treat Native Born Citizens…And It’s Only Going To Get Worse

Take a good look at this video, right now this kind of thing happens all over Europe, particularly in France and it’s only going to get worse, now that the socialist Macron has been elected president. French citizens openly attacked by roving gangs of Muslim refugees aged between 18 to

22 Apr 2017

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Plan For The Destruction & Take-Over Of America [VIDEO]

This is a wake-up call to every single American patriot living inside the continental United States of America, what I’m going to show you, will make your blood run cold. I am going to use documents and video, to expose a plan by the Muslim Brotherhood (and other Muslim organizations)

12 Mar 2017

This Illegal Alien Was Allowed To Kill Because Denver Mayor & Cops Didn’t Honor ICE Detainer

Sanctuary cities and the democrats that run them, have declared war on every single “legal” man, woman and child, that they are sworn to protect. If you put the welfare of illegal aliens before that of legal citizens, not only are these people breaking the law, but are directly (through

06 Mar 2017

During A Street Fight A New York Man Gets His Clock Cleaned [Violent Video]

In the video below, we see a young man from New York get his clock cleaned by an Arizona man. Things like this are so UN-NECESSARY, it doesn’t have to come to violence. The New Yorker could have just kept his mouth shut and kept on walking, but he didn’t.

27 Feb 2017

Filipino Fishermen Find “Ghost Ship” & Looked Inside…It Was Horrifying (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

Some Filipino fisherman were out for a day of plying their trade, when they happened to come upon what seemed to be a deserted a yacht, floating on the water in a small picturesque lagoon, in one of the local islands . From all appearances, the boat was in rough