23 Mar 2017

Hog Hunting In Texas W/The 25-45 Sharps Swine Smasher

**WARNING** This video contains images of  hog hunting  for food (not “sport”), if this offends you, you’re in the wrong place and you can simply click away and don’t watch. In the video below they visit the beautiful Independence Ranch outside of Austin, TX to do a little hog hunting

01 Mar 2017

How To Properly Field Dress A Deer

In this article I will show you how field dress a deer. I will place both written instructions and a video (at the bottom of the written instructions), some folks do better with a “visual”, as opposed to written instructions. The written instruction are courtesy of : Washington Hunter Ed

27 Feb 2017

The Best Top 10 Wild Boar Kill Shots Caught On Video

In the video at the bottom of this article, we see the best top ten wild boar kill shots caught on video. So if you are offended seeing an animal being hunted….then click on something else. Hunting wild boar is a sport that has been linked to Kings and noblemen alike

08 Feb 2017

Mountain Lion Almost Takes-Out Pack Of Dogs

Below is an intense video that shows a mountain lion and how he almost takes-out a whole pack of dogs. The average male mountain lion isn’t all that large, males can weigh up to 220 pounds, but that is 220 pounds of pure muscle and fury when cornered. As you will

06 Feb 2017

Texas Pig Hunt With A Barrett .50 Cal Rifle…”Au revoir Monsieur Piggy”

This is a wild pig hunt in Texas and the shooter is using a Barrett .50 cal semi-auto rifle to do the job, or as they say in French, “Au revoir Monsieur Piggy”, translated that means: “Goodbye Mister Piggy”.  For when you want your wild pig to be REALLY…REALLY dead, using

05 Feb 2017

Bull Moose Gets Shot At Very Close Range

This was a daring hunt, the bull moose gets shot at very close range. When you encounter a moose in the wild, you should take great care not to antagonize, or piss the animal off, because they will attack you. Both male and females are very large and very aggressive.

04 Feb 2017

Lousy Trespassing Poacher Get’s Painted By Booby Trap

This is a great video, it shows a lousy trespassing poacher when he walks right into a booby trap and gets painted. I’ll bet you $50.00 he didn’t see that coming. This is what I call a modern art masterpiece, this lousy trespasser got EXACTLY what was coming to him. There clearly

03 Feb 2017

When Hunting Leopards There’s No Place For Amateurs

When you are out hunting an animal as ferocious as a leopard, it’s definitely no place for amateurs. Although I am an avid hunter, I have to say, that the men in this video, are cruel scumbags and it’s too bad that the leopard didn’t rip their throats-out (I know that’s

01 Feb 2017

.338 Lapua Magnum vs Coyote At Long Range

Watching the .338 Lapua Magnum in action is a treat. This is one sweet rifle and it’s awesome at long distance shooting. In the video, the guy watches a coyote approach, takes aim and with one single well placed shot, drops the predator in it’s tracks. Usually there is some

01 Feb 2017

This Is How You Take Down A Bear With One Shot

If you’re hunting black bears and you want to take them down with one shot, it seems that the Remington 7mm Magnum is the way to go. The majority of environmentalists would disagree with me. They believe that modern man has no reason, or right to hunt anymore, because we can