08 Aug 2017

Purely Insane Feral Hog Hunting Footage…They Take 70 Hogs Down In One Night

This feral hog hunting footage is truly insane…the amount of feral hogs these guys take-down in one night, has to be one for the record books. Over the last couple years, a man named Ray Shinpaugh, has been perfecting the art of feral hog eradication using a side-by-side, thermal monocular shotgun

16 Jul 2017

Our Old Buddy Hickok45 Shows Us The Ruger Hawkeye Model 77 Guide Gun .338 Win Mag

Our old buddy Hickok45 is back and this time, he’s giving us his impression of the Ruger Hawkeye Model 77 Guide Gun .338 Win Mag. I am definitely a fan of Ruger’s products, they’re made exceptionally well and they are awesome guns to own. The only thing makes he a little

15 Jul 2017

The Ultimate Russian Survival Gun: The Baikal IZH 94

While not rare, the Baikal IZH 94 seen in the video below, is chambered in 12ga AND 7.62×39 is one very cool firearm. Manufactured in Russia by Baikal Arms and imported by U.S. Sporting Goods, the IZH 94 incorporates both a 12 gauge shotgun barrel and a centerfire rifle barrel in

07 Jul 2017

The Sam Yang Dragon Claw Dual Tank .50 Cal Air Gun…Yes ‘Air Gun’

Normally, when one thinks about ‘air guns’, we right off the bat think about a  .177 Pellet Rifle with a scope, that you can buy at your local Walmart, Kroger’s, or Fred Meyer store. But the Dragon Claw made by Sam Yang, certainly blows those little pellet guns right out of the

22 Jun 2017

Here Are Some Ground Squirrel Kill Shots Caught On Video

What boy at one time or another, hasn’t taken-out a squirrel with a well placed shot from either a .22 cal rifle , or a .177 cal pellet gun ? My Dad used to tell me that when he was a kid growing-up during the Great depression, that if he

14 Jun 2017

Awesome Video Of Giant Wild Boar Hunting In Hungary

From the dawn of mankind, hunting has been a way for man to put dinner on the table to feed his family. Before man learned to domesticate wild animals, if he wanted to eat, he had to go hunting, it wasn’t a moral decision, it was a necessary practicality, pure

11 Jun 2017

These Are Some Of The Most Awesome Wild Boar Attacks Caught On Video

I’m sorry to say, that if you are one of those tree-hugger types, you might not want to watch the video contained in this article. In the wild, there are two types of animals, predators and prey (sorry little “Eco-friends” I don’t make up the rules- nature does). Hunting is

09 Jun 2017

Really Good Video & Written Instruction On How To Hunt/Track Mammals & Other Different Animals

In order to be a successful hunter and put meat on the table, it takes certain skill set. For instance, one must be proficient with firearms, also, one must also possess a certain level of patience, especially when sitting in a deer blind, or sitting up in a tree-stand. But

05 Jun 2017

The Survival Slingshot: If You Want To Survive Bring A Tool…Not A Toy

The Survival Slingshot is a patented slingshot with a integrated rail system and a watertight hollow handle. The integrated rail system allows you to customize the slingshot with whisker biscuits, laser, tactical lights and bow fishing accessories. The watertight hollow handle can be used to store gear. This Survival Slingshot

15 May 2017

This Will Make You Laugh Your Butt Off: Epic Video Of Hunter & Gun Fails

Life comes at you fast and furiously, so we need to take a few moments each day and laugh. The staff here at Survival Nation takes gun safety very seriously, but that’s not to say that some gun fails aren’t hilarious. The video below was found on Facebook and it’s