06 Nov 2016

The $30,000 Underground Shipping Container Home

Imagine living in a home where it never gets above 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer – without using air conditioning.

05 Nov 2016

How to travel through hostile environments

During a SHTF event, potential hostiles could be anywhere and only your wits will help you get to your safe place.

01 Nov 2016

Islamic State-Linked Magazine Urges ‘Lone-Wolf’ Attacks in West

An Islamic State (ISIS)-linked propaganda magazine, published in English, Arabic, and French by the Nashir Media Foundation, is urging jihadists in Europe and the United States to carry out deadly “lone-wolf” attacks to avenge the terrorist group’s losses in Mosul. In the second issue of the magazine, titled Nashir – Now

24 Oct 2016

8 ‘Weird-But-Essential’ Things You Aren’t Stockpiling (But Should Be)

You probably have seen at least a dozen lists pertaining to what you should be stockpiling just in case disaster strikes. It is a little hard to fathom that reality, but imagine going to Walmart or a similar store and finding aisles and aisles of empty shelves. You won’t be

20 Oct 2016

The Top Spots in the US to Bug Out

When you plan a bug out strategy, the location is one of the most important considerations. I think some people plan to just grab their bug-out bag and start walking. That is a recipe for disaster. To be successful you need to carefully plan a bug out location along with

19 Oct 2016

Homemade Survival Gear and Tools

Immediately after you find yourself in a dangerous situation, most people think first about how they’re going to defend and protect themselves. Often, the situation will give you little leeway and there’s an even smaller chance that you just happen to have the proper resources within reach. This is why

18 Oct 2016

Rigging the United States Elections by DEMOCRATS! Explosive undercover video….

***** Scott Foval was fired after yesterday’s video.  *****Those Union Guys will do what ever you want! ***** “IT doesn’t matter what the legal and ethics people say” *****“We manipulated the vote with money and actions and not laws” *****“Paying people to cross state lines to VOTE illegally!! ***** “Use shell companies to

07 Oct 2016

UK Police allow White Supremacy Event disguised as Charitable Affair

Police allowed a neo-Nazi rally, attended by hundreds, to take place in a Cambridgeshire village believing it was an event for soldiers’ charity Help for Heroes .

04 Oct 2016

5 Survival Skills You’ll Need When Society Collapses

You never know what’s around the bend, and the apocalypse might be closer than ever. Luckily, the fascinating YouTube channel Primitive Technology offers myriad reminders of how much we can accomplish without modern-day marvels. In wordless videos without music, the Primitive Technologist—he declines to give his name, although he states

29 Sep 2016

Prepping on a Budget: 10 Survival Items That Everyone Can Afford

1. Duct Tape For just a few bucks, you can get a roll of this magical tape. It mends, it seals, and it even burns as a fire starter when you crumple it into a ball and light it with an open flame. 2. Iodine Tincture At $2 or $3