09 Apr 2017

British SAS Sniper Beheads ISIS Executioner With A Single Shot [Video]

A lone British SAS sniper waits for the order to take his shot, his target, an ISIS commander, who is instructing his fellow terrorists on the proper method of beheading helpless prisoners. Dressed in a white robe the ISIS commander stood-out among is companions, who were all dressed in the

05 Apr 2017

Caught On Camera: Shocking & Horrifying Moments While Fishing

These clips in the video below are not “stranger hiding under the bed”, or “maniac ax murderer” horrifying; they are horrifying in the sense that they are shocking events, things that most people would not expect, when out for a leisurely day of fishing. Like you’re about to see, these are the

25 Mar 2017

Rattlesnake Is Good Eating…Here’s How To Skin And Cook One

In the video below, it shows you how to skin and cook a rattlesnake. Now, there are some, who normally would touch a snake, let alone a rattlesnake, but if you are ever stranded out in the bush, one can’t afford to be picky when scrounging up a meal. I’ve

01 Mar 2017

How To Properly Field Dress A Deer

In this article I will show you how field dress a deer. I will place both written instructions and a video (at the bottom of the written instructions), some folks do better with a “visual”, as opposed to written instructions. The written instruction are courtesy of : Washington Hunter Ed

09 Feb 2017

Ashley Shows How To Field Strip And Clean Your AR-15 Rifle

Watch as Ashley shows you how to field strip and clean your AR-15 rifle. I realize that some guys are afflicted with a short attention span, that’s why I put a video in this article with a pretty girl. I’m a firm believer in visual concepts in order to teach someone

24 Jan 2017

The Proper Way To Load And Fire A Cap And Ball Pistol

If you are a new owner of a cap and ball pistol, then this article is for you. There is a video in this article and it’s produced by hickok45 on YouTube and it’s a veritable wellspring of knowledge. Years ago, when I was at Fort Bragg, a friend of mine purchased

24 Jan 2017

How To Properly Skin & Quarter A Wild Boar

The video below, clearly shows you how to skin and quarter a wild boar, a helpful tip if one ever gets in your sights. You should pay close attention here, because this guy knows just how to skin & quarter a boar hog. This is a very interesting and informative video

home defense system
25 Dec 2016

Early Warning Systems for Survival

When in a survival situation, intruders are always a major concern. This could be looters, military, or just kids looking to vandalize a house. Having a home defense system is important, but early detection is the key to protecting your home. Unfortunately, this applies to everyday life as well.

Civil unrest
20 Dec 2016

The Prepper’s Civil Unrest Checklist

Civil unrest used to be something we read about online, happening in distant countries like Egypt or Brazil.

Rules of Engagement
10 Dec 2016

Rules of engagement in a post SHTF world?

Hello, my friend and welcome back! I was recently asked this by a fellow Prepper and I was taken back a little by it, I must admit. There seems to be a misunderstanding about what exactly “Rules of Engagement “ means and that is the subject of today’s post, so grab a cup of coffee, my friend and have a seat while we visit.