25 May 2017

Here Are The Top 5 Submachine Guns

The history of the submachine gun goes all the way back to World War I and has taken-off from there. Originally developed at the end of the first world war and arriving too late on the battlefield to join in on the fight in Europe against the Germans, it would

15 May 2017

One Of The Top Guns Of The Old West Wasn’t A Colt…Look Here To See What It Really Was

When we think of the Old West  and the guns used during that time in history, we always seem to think of the iconic Colt Peacemaker. While Colonel Colt and his gun were no doubt a significant part of American  history, there were other guns out there that were just

06 May 2017

Want To Be An All American Hero…Get A Glass Of Whiskey Sit Down And I’ll Show You

Here’s a thought…Whiskey owns you, not the other way around…and “why” might you ask- because Whiskey is NOBODY’S bitch that’s why !! And where does the word “whiskey” come from …In Scotland, the first evidence of whisky production comes from an entry in the Exchequer Rolls for 1494 where malt

06 May 2017

These Are 10 Nightmarish Animals That You Should Be Glad Are Extinct

In the video below, you’ll see 10 nightmarish animals that you will definitely be glad that they went extinct. From gigantic apes, to giant underwater scorpions, this video shows us that there are (or at least were) monsters roaming the face of the earth. At least one of the creatures on the

23 Apr 2017

The German Landkreuzer P-1000 Ratte MEGA-TANK

Just prior to and also during World War II, German engineers were hard at work making many “wonder weapons” for the German Reich. The weapon mentioned below, was one such “wonder weapon”, the Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte. A tank so large and well armored, that if it was produced, the allies

18 Apr 2017

The Knights Templar: The Special Forces Of The Medieval World & Much Much More

These are the top 10 facts about the Knights Templar, one of the most feared groups of Medieval knights in history. Hollywood has given the Knights Templar kind of a bad rap, specifically in the film ‘Kingdom of Heaven’. In that particular film, they portrayed the Templar’s as ignorant blood thirsty

14 Apr 2017

Watch What Happens When You Shoot An Anti-Tank Gun At A Pickup Truck

So, if you just happen to have an old anti-tank gun just collecting dust in your garage and you want to see what it’ll do to an old pick-up truck…then you’ve come to the right place. The weapon they’re using in the video is a 7.5 cm Pak 40. It

12 Apr 2017

Here Are 7 Of The Most Bad-Ass Gunslingers Of The Old West

Here in the video below, we have 7 of the all time bad-ass gunslingers of the old west. These 7 were everything from train robbers, to lawmen and each of them had a reputation for quick thinking and deadly action. While some were just criminals, others were law enforcement officers

08 Apr 2017

Here Are 10 Reasons Why The Spartans Were The Ultimate ‘Bad Asses’ Of The Ancient World

If you missed history class in Middle school, or High school and didn’t learn about the ancient Greek city state of Sparta, you truly missed-out on some exciting stuff. The Spartan army was renowned throughout the ancient world as the ‘ultimate bad asses’ of it’s day. Spartan soldiers were bred

29 Mar 2017

Hickok45 Takes Us Down Memory Lane And Fires The Swiss K31 Rifle

Today, our old buddy Hickok45 takes us for a stroll down memory lane and demonstrates for us the awesome Swiss K31 rifle. Since Switzerland has always been a neutral country, it’s a pretty safe bet, that the rifle he’s using in the video today, has never been fired in anger.