13 Jul 2016

10 items to help you survive in wild

It pleases me greatly to write columns that inspire conversation and debate.  Last week’s column seems to have done just that. Based on the responses in my inbox after only a single day, the topic of survival truly seems to be a favorite among outdoorsmen. Many folks offered suggestions as to

13 Jul 2016

6 tracker-approved skills you need for wilderness survival

Have you seen “The Hunted”  with Tommy Lee Jones? Fugitive tracking that leads LEOs through the thicket of the woods may be rare, but having the skills necessary to outwit other survivalists is a pretty cool badge to earn. Some extreme survivalists consider the techniques an adventure and have taken

01 Jul 2016

Man Restores DIY Log Cabin from 1800s

It’s been said that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and Richard Aiken is definitely the kind of person that understands this. Richard had wanted to live in a log cabin out in the woods for years. But in all of his previous attempts to purchase or make on,

29 Jun 2016

Creating a DIY Natural First Aid Kit

You might think that since my husband is a paramedic, we have an elaborate first aid kit with all sorts of tape, bandages, creams and supplies for treating all sorts of emergencies. While those items and more can certainly be found in the back of his ambulance, our first aid

21 Jun 2016

How to Cold-Hammer Coins and Keys Into Useful Survival Tools

At first glance, some common pocket items seem just about worthless as wilderness survival supplies. Take coins and keys. What are you going to buy with your coins in the wild? And what will you unlock in the woods with your ring of keys? Not much, right? But don’t forget

20 Jun 2016

Do The Coast Guard’s Favored ‘Survival Crafts’ Actually Work?

A photograph accompanying the June 3 Metro article “Chesapeake Bay boater rescues 23 on school trip” illustrated a disaster that was narrowly avoided. Twenty-three people, including 14 fourth- graders, were on a small passenger vessel that sank in the Chesapeake Bay and were forced to sit on the vessel’s canopy

16 Jun 2016

Gun Shop Owner: AR-15’s Flying Off Shelves at $500 a Pop

Since the Orlando nightclub shooting on Sunday, gun sales have rapidly increased throughout the United States. Adventure Outdoors Owner Jay Wallace told Fox Business Network’s Stuart Varney that sales of AR-15s and other firearms have “really kicked up” since Sunday. AR-15’s may look like military rifles but they are actually

15 Jun 2016

Columbia Turned Its Clothing Labels Into Stainless Steel Survival Tools

To help reinforce the idea that its clothing is designed for rugged outdoor adventures, Columbia is turning the informational hang tags on some of its garments into stainless steel survival tools that do everything from cut wood, to fix clothing tears, to filter water. It’s first and foremost a clever

13 Jun 2016

Be prepared for anything with these 5 survival tools

So what do folks in the business of survival tools carry on a daily basis? US Army veteran, and now Gerber Gear Marketing Director, Andrew Gritzbaugh, visited FOX Firepower to share what he personally brings with him everywhere he goes. Here are five things that will integrate into regular business

09 Jun 2016

Gadgets in the outdoors: Connecting or disconnecting in nature?

We’re surrounded by technology indoors, and more and more, we’re taking it with us outdoors. We’re surrounded by technology indoors, and more and more, we’re taking it with us outdoors.  Global positioning systems, heart rate monitors, training apps, watches, music, smartphones — these days communing with nature is likely to