05 Feb 2017

How To Make A Silencer Out Of A Flashlight

If you ever wanted to know how you can make a silencer out of a flashlight, then this is for you. I found this while searching the web and I felt I should pass it on to all of you. Now, in some states (like Washington State), they do no allow

04 Feb 2017

XSTAT First Aid Item Instantly Seals Gunshot Wounds

This is the XSTAT and it’s a really great new device from a company called RevMedX. It was specifically designed to stop severe wounds either from gunshots, or shrapnel in less than 20 seconds. This devise will save countless lives on the battlefield and also in any urban setting when a

04 Feb 2017

ARMTAC Monotube Integral Suppressor…This Literally Is Silent Death

The one thing you’ll notice right away wen using the ARMTAC monotube integral suppressor is, just how quiet it really is. This virtually is, ‘silent death’, your target won’t hear a thing, in fact, it’s “Movie Quiet”, meaning, there is literally almost no sound at all. They put it on

02 Feb 2017

Full Size Truck Conversions For The Disabled

There is a Facebook video contained at the bottom of this article which shows a full size truck conversion for the disabled. I originally placed the video on my Facebook page and the response was phenomenal, it reached over a quarter of a million people. And the video has been seen

29 Jan 2017

Here’s A Flashlight That Could Possibly Save Your Life

I first saw this flashlight in a video on Facebook and needless to say, I was quite impressed. I’ve seen other’s very similar to it advertised on television, but this one really caught my attention. I think (lying around my house in different locations) are probably 3 or 4 flashlights

18 Nov 2016

Choosing a commercial bug out bag

A bug out bag should be loaded with all the essentials that enable you to survive for more than three days.

11 Nov 2016

California bans 10-round Mags, Makes Buying/Using Ammo Almost Impossible to do Legally

While many were celebrating last night’s Presidential win, counting on Donald Trump to help strengthen the 2nd amendment, a number of states passed some of the most idiotic gun control measures we’ve seen yet.

19 Oct 2016

Homemade Survival Gear and Tools

Immediately after you find yourself in a dangerous situation, most people think first about how they’re going to defend and protect themselves. Often, the situation will give you little leeway and there’s an even smaller chance that you just happen to have the proper resources within reach. This is why

19 Oct 2016

Choosing the best survival gun for your prepping plans

When the brown stuff hits the fan which gun would you grab if your survival depends on it? Making the right choice seems easy for some and many will argue that a .22 rifle or the AR-15 is the best survival gun out there. Unfortunately, things are never easy when

10 Oct 2016

When Survival Depends on What’s in Your Backpack

What’s in your backpack? If you’re Lonnie Dupre, it’s about 60 pounds of survival essentials. “Trying to carry 19 days of supplies isn’t easy—it requires a hard look at everything you’re carrying,’’ says Dupre, the legendary Arctic explorer and mountaineer who in 2015 became the first climber to complete a