15 Feb 2016

How-To: Collect Dew for Drinking Water

Put out a fleece! Hosted by Command Sergeant Major T. S. Decker (ret.), this series provides some helpful “how to” information. In this episode, Decker demonstrates a simple method of collecting dew for drinking water in a survival situation.

11 Feb 2016

MIT’s Band-Aid Of The Future [WATCH]

MIT’s crazy hydrogel bandages can actually treat your wounds. Band-Aid of the futureMIT’s crazy hydrogel bandages can actually treat your wounds. Posted by The Verge on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

10 Feb 2016

This Bandage Stops Uncontrollable Bleeding In Seconds

How does it work? This bandage replicates clotting and stems heavy bleeding almo…This bandage stops uncontrollable bleeding in seconds Posted by NowThis on Monday, February 8, 2016

09 Feb 2016

Boiling Eggs With Rocks (Primitive Cooking)

How to boil water and hard-boil eggs without modern cookware.

08 Feb 2016

Bushcraft Hot Dog/Stick Biscuit Combo In The Woods

In this video I am cooking bread and a sausage on a stick to make a delicious bushcraft hotdog 🙂 Yummy. Some people call this a pig in a blanket. Don’t forget to bake the bread on low flame so that the inside gets baked as well before the crust

01 Feb 2016

Primitive Stone Oven Build (With Cooking Catfish Test)

Old as the hills, but as effective as modern…

22 Jan 2016

The Lost Art of Making Butter

The making of butter goes back at least 4,000 years, with the earliest known reference to it written in the Bible. When Abraham entertained the three angels, before they went on to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, butter was amongst the foods he offered them to eat. Apparently butter has been

21 Jan 2016

Honey as Medicine – Prevent Infection, Kill Bacteria, Promote Healing

Did you know you can use honey as medicine?  If I had to choose only one medicine I could have in stock, I think it would be honey. These days, specialty wound-care centers might agree. Honey has become a staple for those hard-to-heal wounds, such as diabetic leg ulcers, burns,

20 Jan 2016

How to Survive with Pine Trees

If you find yourself in a survival scenario in the middle of a pine forest, you really have lots of resources available in your natural surroundings. Most elements of the pine tree have some type of survival use including the bark, sticky resin, and wood that may be a good hearth starter. Resin