27 Feb 2017

Watch As Kayak Fisherman Catches Large Pacific Octopus

Who would have thought, that while out for a day of fishing on their kayaks, that one of these angler’s would be lucky enough to hook a very large pacific octopus…not me, that’s for sure. Apparently, the animal was hooked very securely and even with the fisherman’s best efforts to

23 Feb 2017

Stop Eating Tilapia Right Now Here Are The Disgusting Reasons Why

  Tilapia is the third most consumed type of fish in America. However, it has been under fire for quite some time now as there is mounting evidence tilapia fish is grown in bad farming conditions in China. On one hand, the fish is quite inexpensive, it can be bought

09 Feb 2017

The Arapaima Is A Real Amazon River Monster

A real Amazon River monster, the Arapaima is truly one of the biggest fresh water fish today, reaching in length up to and over 9 feet, they can weigh almost 440 pounds. Arapaima are considered to be an ancient fish – scientists estimate they are descendants of fish that date

01 Feb 2017

Giant 250 Pound Wels Catfish Landed With light Rod & Reel

Landing a catfish this size is an accomplishment all by itself, but doing it with a light rod & reel, I’d say this fisherman has earned his bragging rights.  Using a spinning rod and reel, which in my opinion, was too light of a rig to use in this case.