28 Mar 2017

What Is The Best Kind Of Somali Pirate…A DEAD One [GREAT VIDEO]

During the last couple decades or so, we have seen a re-birth of piracy, no, not in the Caribbean..but in the Indian Ocean, mainly off of the Somali coast. Somalia is nothing more than a terrorist state where these new pirates come and go from with impunity. To their minds,

27 Feb 2017

Filipino Fishermen Find “Ghost Ship” & Looked Inside…It Was Horrifying (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

Some Filipino fisherman were out for a day of plying their trade, when they happened to come upon what seemed to be a deserted a yacht, floating on the water in a small picturesque lagoon, in one of the local islands . From all appearances, the boat was in rough

28 Jan 2017

Self Docking Boat That Can Walk Onto The Shore

A self-docking boat that can actually ‘walk’ onto the shore, I would have never guessed something like this. But when I see it, I immediately think of the images of D-Day when Allied Forces landed at Normandy in 1944, or, the U.S. Marines landing on Iwo Jima in 1945.  Back then