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Watch As A Charging Bear Gets Shot To Death By Scared Hunters In A Dramatic Video

Seeing a large bear come of nowhere charging right at you is something no hunter wants to see. If you are out in the woods camping and un-armed, chances are, you won’t survive the encounter. But the bigger question would be- why would a bear come charging at you in the first place? Stories of bears rushing at people are rare, but do happen.  These are bears that make the news.  They are the unusually aggressive bears that create stories of narrow escapes.  The stories typically involve a mother with cubs in someone’s yard looking for birdseed, or garbage, putting her ears back and rushing at someone who barely makes it into the back door. But what about when you’re out in the woods?

Whenever you travel, hike, camp, or hunt out in the woods, you have to accept the basic reality that you may encounter a bear. remember, you’re in THEIR territory and you must be aware. From listening to the men in the video below, I would make an educated guess, that they are in one of the Scandinavian countries, like Sweden, Norway, or  Finland. The bear in the video, looked alot like the Eurasian brown bear , which would make sense as to the location of where the video was filmed.

What bothered me the most, was that the men in the video were rank amateur hunters. They had no woodcraft discipline and acted like idiots. The bear was probably making a mock charge, but yet, these idiots fired-off 6, maybe 7 shots, before they brought it down and one after that. Apparently, they saw the animal before it charged, but they were talking, laughing and giggling like little girls which I believe, alerted the bear to their presence and surprised the animal. Whatever the case, in this instance, my heart goes out to the animal. He was undoubtedly surprised and only did what comes natural, it’s the men that were in his turf, not the other way around. And if these guys were ‘bear hunters’, they are the worst ones I’ve ever seen.

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