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This Looks Like Alot Of Fun: Flats Fishing In Florida

Since I live in the Pacific Northwest and have only briefly visited Florida when I was in the Army over 40 years ago, I’ve never heard, or known about “Fishing the Flats”. So, I did some digging and from all of the material & videos I’ve seen, it looks like a lot of fun.

From what I’ve read and seen, in order to fish the flats, you will need an experienced flats fishing guide. Not only one that knows his way around but is also very experienced in the ways of these fish. Many have said that the Florida Keys Flats fishing guides are some of the best fishing guides in the world, partly because they are so diverse.

The folks that posted the video below to YouTube, had this to say:
“Mangrove Snapper, Mullet, Manatee all come out in this epic adventure on a terrific Tuesday morning and mid day. We caught a load of mullet and took them to the smoker. We saw Manatees and Dolphins they wanted to communicate with us, it was really cool. Filmed in the southern portion of Tampa bay on the Little Manatee River in Ruskin Florida.”

In a piece by they write:

There are fish everywhere. Literally, You can catch big largemouth bass in little tiny golf-course ponds. You can catch tiny fish all day long fishing on huge party boats. But living near coastal waters means you’re living near the richest fisheries on the planet: grass flats. And catching fish on grass flats is something that’s not very hard to do if you know a few simple steps and tips on being more effective.

There is a lot to learn about grass flats – from the grasses that grow on them to the depths and temperatures that encourage (or inhibit) their growth. There are eight important grasses, and which ones are growing alone or together can tell you a lot about what you might catch on a certain flat. Any grass serves as a treasure-trove of protein sources, from the tiniest to the biggest, and knowing how to catch fish on grass flats will make you better at what you love.

From what I saw in the video below, fishing the Florida Flats not only looks like a ton of fun, but if their catch is any indication…very profitable indeed.

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