Here Are 5 Supposedly Extinct Animals Caught On Video That No One Can Explain

*Disclaimer* We here at Survival Nation are not saying these “cryptids” are real, we only present what evidence we can, so that you, the reader, can make your own decision.

Talk about prehistoric animals is a fascinating subject. We can speculate on their behavior and characteristics, but we will never know 100% of what they really were, since they supposedly became extinct a long time ago. However, this planet is full of surprises. Every new year, there are numerous discoveries that totally change our perception about life. For example, we all have the idea that dinosaurs became extinct a long time ago. However, many people claim that they still exist, as they have seen them in real life, and even have recorded them with their video cameras.

There are some skeptics that refuse to believe that these creatures still walk the earth and science seems to bear-out this fact. Without a body, or at least skeletal remains as their key point to their side of the argument, the majority of the scientific community won’t commit itself . But, then there are all of the sightings of different creatures from all over the world, are all of those people mistaken, or are they just making things up for their 15 minutes of fame? Then there is the video evidence, since most to these encounters tend to happen rather quickly, most of the video evidence is of poor quality.

I guess what it all comes down to is “faith”, either you are a believer, or you aren’t. All I’m doing, is presenting what evidence I have, so you can make your own decision.  Say what you will, it does make for a rather interesting and spirited discussion.


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