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As A U.S. Army Veteran This Is My Take On The NFL & Our National Anthem

As a writer, I sit in my office at home in front of my computer and I try to think of what kind of articles I’m going to write for the day. I’ve had writer’s block for almost a week and no matter how hard I try, nothing comes to mind, it’s quite frustrating. But there is one thing I have to get off my chest.

Like all of you, I’ve been watching the news and in between all of the negative coverage that President Donald Trump has been getting over the recent hurricane that devastated Puerto Rico, there is also the on-going drama concerning the NFL players protesting our National Anthem and their refusal to either stand, or in some cases, not even take the field when the National Anthem is played before the start of the game.

Like Colin Rand Kaepernick, a large number of black (and in some cases white) players are flat-out refusing to stand during the National Anthem. This has caused quite a stir among fans, who shell-out their hard earned money to watch a sporting event and be entertained. Quite frankly, alot of working class Americans are really pissed-off at this negative behavior. Almost all of these fans feel that this kind of crap is a slap in the face of not only the United States of America, but it’s also a kick in the teeth, to the tens of thousands of American veterans who served selflessly and in some cases, gave their lives.

Some players say that their beef isn’t with the flag, the Anthem, or the Vet’s, they say they are protesting “racial inequality”. Seriously….black players (who make the kind of money some can only DREAM of having) are protesting “inequality”?!? Excuse me, but this is the 21st century and in case nobody was paying attention, being treated unequally because of the color of your skin, is something that is not only against the law, it is something that all Americans will not stand for.

Here is what Paul Joseph Watson says about the NFL taking a knee:

Standing-up when our National Anthem is played, is supposed to be, the one time, when all Americans can put aside their differences and come together as one.  So forgive me if I think these millionaire ball players are just full of crap. In the military, there is no “black”, “white”, “yellow”, or “brown”, their is only ONE color…O.D. Green and when we bleed, it’s always the same color..RED.


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The very LEAST you spoiled, rotten bastards can do, for the country that has GIVEN you this wonderful opportunity, to be not only rich, but famous as well, is STAND your happy-ass UP when the National Anthem is played before you take the field. And afterwards, if you want to cry about how “oppressed” you are AFTER you’ve given your fans their moneys worth, GO FOR IT.

Speaking for myself, as a proud U.S. Army veteran, I don’t give a rats-ass whether or not you stand up for me, BUT DO IT FOR FOR THIS GREAT NATION THAT HAS GIVEN YOU EVERYTHING !!

This video is from last year’s Super Bowl, pay attention , because if you continue to act like entitled, spoiled little children, there won’t BE a “Super Bowl” anymore, because nobody will be watching and then you can kiss your lucrative contracts and endorsements goodbye.

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