10 Horrifying Giant Snake Attacks On Humans Caught On Video

Animal attacks on human beings aren’t a rare occurrence, they happen all over planet, all of the time. Since human beings are mammals, when we are attacked by other mammals , be they lions, tigers, bears  & wolves, we’ve come to have a sort of an understanding that it’s nothing personal, in fact, we tend to be more understanding (and in some cases) more forgiving because we as mammals have a kind of bond with one another.

But when it comes to reptiles, like alligators, crocodiles, or snakes, we tend to feel extremely repulsed by them, because these animals are cold blooded. In fact we are rather horrified by the prospect of being attacked and eaten by a large reptile, because there is no bond between mammals and reptiles and it tends to make the encounter more horrifying because of that simple fact. At least with predatory mammals, we’re both warm blooded. With a reptile, there is no mercy in those cold reptilian eyes.

There are currently millions of snakes on earth.  They reside on all continents except Antarctica, and within most bodies of water on the planet.  All of them have varying levels of aggression, voracity and malignancy to humans.

While some of these deadly reptiles have a bite that can kill a person in seconds, the most tormenting attacks come from those which do not contain any venom at all, but rather kill their prey by strangulation.  By anchoring their teeth in victims, and then twisting and tangling their large bodies around them, it is undeniably, a slow and painful death.

And the most terrifying of these snakes, is the anaconda, or python, not only are they some of the largest species of snake on the planet, when these giant snakes look at you, they only see a meal. An anaconda, or python doesn’t ususally seek humans out, we tend to seek them out either for biological research, or hunting them on purpose for their skins. If these snakes manage to bite you and you are alone, chances are, your aren’t going to walk away from that encounter.

The video below, which has more than 46.9 million views on YouTube,  they highlight ten horrifying attacks on humans by these snakes. I must warn you, if you are squeamish , or are afraid of snakes, you might want to skip this.


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