If You’re An Arachnophobe Then Pass This By…The Giant Arizona Desert Blonde Tarantula Shows It’s Fangs

If you’re an arachnophobe, then you might not want to watch the video in this article. Me personally, I can’t stand spiders and the bigger they are, just means I have to load 00 buckshot in my Remington 870 Express, or maybe slugs (a bit much?).

In spite of its reputation, the tarantula is a relatively docile creature. Some find them beautiful and fascinating spiders and even make them pets. Others are frozen with fear at the mere sight of one. You would really have to harass a tarantula to provoke it to bite. Its venom is weak making its bite harmless to people. So there is not much to fear of this hairy arachnid.

Worldwide, there are hundreds of tarantula species and some can have some pretty potent, deadly venom, but the Arizona tarantula which is also known as the “desert tarantula”, “western tarantula” and “Arizona blonde tarantula”, is mostly harmless to humans. Now if you were a scorpion or a cockroach, you may have reason for concern because its venomous bite will overcome most insects and some small rodents.

It’s a good thing Coyote isn’t afraid of the dark because nighttime in the desert is when most of it’s creepiest creatures come out to roam the sand. In this episode of Breaking Trail he proves that even giant spiders can’t stop his curiosity for the natural world… that is until the hairy spider gets a little too friendly and crawls right up on his back! You aren’t going to want to miss this encounter with one GIANT TARANTULA!

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