Watch Out America…ANTIFA Is Armed & Dangerous

I realize this has nothing to do with ‘survival”, but if you think about it, it kinda does. These little retard snowflake communists are about 2 beers shy of a 6 pack and since they are now arming themselves, the safest place to stand, would be directly in front of them.  I realize that this video is pure satire, but in reality, I’ve seen real videos of Antifa members shooting and the video below, isn’t too far off of the mark.

Just make sure that while you’re watching this video, don’t eat, or drink anything…you’d just end-up spitting it all over your computer. This really is the very definition of “Laughing Out Loud”.

This is what Antifa is all about according to Wikipedia:

Antifa is a far left and radical left political movement of autonomous, self-styled anti-fascist groups.They focus more on fighting far-right and white supremacy ideology directly than on encouraging pro-left policy.The salient feature of Antifa is to oppose fascism by direct action, including violence if need be. Antifa groups tend to be anti-government and anti-capitalist. Antifa’s militant challenge to militant free speech has been regarded as problematic. 
The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI internally classify militant actions of Antifa as “domestic terrorist violence,” according to Politico.According to The Economist, the “word Antifa has its roots in Anti-Fascist Action, a name taken up by European political movements in the 1930s” which was revived in the 1990s, particularly in Germany. Peter Beinart writes that “in the late ’80s, left-wing punk fans in the United States began following suit, though they initially called their groups Anti-Racist Action, on the theory that Americans would be more familiar with fighting racism than fascism.” Antifa groups are known for militant protest tactics, including property damage and physical violence.


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