Watch As Longtime Rattlesnake Hunter Tim Fitzer Catches & Bags A 6 Foot Rattlesnake

Now, we here at Survival Nation are not saying you should run-out and attempt something like this on your own, that is unless you’re an experienced snake wrangler.  If you do happen to come into contact with one of these reptiles while out in the bush, if you leave it alone, chances are, it will leave you alone. If you are not experienced with these creatures, no hat band, or pair of snake skin boots is worth getting bitten for.

Longtime rattlesnake hunter Tim Fitzer talks about the tools needed to catch & bag a big rattler. “Rattlesnake”… the very word alone fills most people with fear and anxiety, because they have no experience in dealing with snakes. Yet we should learn to appreciate the rattlesnake as one of the most efficient and specialized predators on Earth. Many rattlesnakes struggle to survive as humans move in on their habitat. And some people feel, that the only good rattlesnake, is a dead one (we beg to differ on that point)!

Tim Fitzer’s resume is as long as your arm and as varied as can be: this guy is a taxidermist, a catfish noodler, a certified diver, and a snake hunter, and, alongside his dad, Tim worked as a pawnbroker for many years. As a young boy, Tim spent summers in the wilderness with his grandparents. His personality is one of a kind, and he’s full of stories that seem totally unbelievable until he shows you a photo or video proving yes, indeed, Tim’s life is as crazy as he says it is. Tim is a native American Choctaw Indian and lives on the side of a mountain in a log cabin he built himself. His house is filled with wild animals, both living and mounted, and he keeps a collection of poisonous snakes on his back porch during the open season.

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