The Asian Giant Hornet Is Mean And Ill-Tempered & It Will Kill You

If you thought that African killer bees were bad, then get a load of this flying monster. The Asian Giant Hornet is the deadliest hornet in the world, killing hundreds of people each year. If you do come into contact with them and somehow manage to aggravate them, they have been known to chase humans hundreds of meters stinging their victims with their huge stingers, injecting their venom into them. And they’re not called “giant” for nothing…these things are HUGE!!

The Asian Giant Hornet is the largest species of Hornet in the world with some queens reaching more than 5cm in length. They are found throughout Eastern Asia, particularly in Japan where they are commonly known as the Giant Sparrow Bee.

It is not to be confused with the more placid Asian Hornet which arrived in France in 2005 and, although similar in appearance to the Asian Giant Hornet, the Asian Hornet is thought to be no more dangerous than the European Hornet. The Asian Giant Hornet was first classified in 1852 by a British entomologist called Frederick Smith, who worked in the zoology department of the British Museum.

The Asian giant hornet (Vespa mandarinia), including the subspecies Japanese giant hornet (V. m. japonica), colloquially known as the yak-killer hornet, is the world’s largest hornet, native to temperate and tropical Eastern Asia. They prefer to live in low mountains and forests, while almost completely avoiding plains and high-altitude climates. V. mandarinia creates nests by digging, co-opting pre-existing tunnels dug by rodents, or occupying spaces near rotted pine roots. It feeds primarily on larger insects, colonies of other eusocial insects, tree sap, and honey from honey bee colonies.


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