Out In The Woods Picking Wild Mushrooms A Man Came Upon A Ural Owl…But The Story Doesn’t End There

One would think that the owl in the video below was just a gentle woodland creature that allowed a strange man to show it some affection. But that’s not the whole story. While out in the woods picking wild mushrooms, a man came upon a wild Ural owl on the ground, it seemed as if the creature was unusually calm, so he bent down and decided to stroke the bird affectionately and the owl allowed him to do so.

Upon further investigation, the man saw that the gentle bird was severely injured, not knowing how long the poor creature had lain there, he picked it up, only to find, that both of it’s wings were broken and it was probably weak from hunger.

I’ll let the man who posted this video to YouTube explain the rest in his own words:

“When I was picking mushrooms in Slovenian woods, I saw large owl sitting on a dead tree. She wasn’t scared of me, so I come closer and I started to cuddle her. It was so cute. But something was wrong with her. I picked her up and we went to the vet, who saw that she has broken both wings. Yesterday they operate her, and by 4 months they will release her to the wild. The vet said that this owl is named sloveninan “Kozač” (Strix uralensis) and that are only 600 couples living in Slovenia. Please do not kill owls, they are so cute and harmless….Thanks”

It’s stories like this that reaffirm my belief that there is hope for mankind.

Wikipedia describes the Ural Owl:

The Ural owl (Strix uralensis) is a medium-sized nocturnal owl of the genus Strix, with up to 15 subspecies found in Europe and northern Asia. The Ural owl is smaller than the great grey owl, and much larger than the tawny owl, which it superficially resembles. Distinguishing features apart from the size are the pale, buffish grey-brown plumage, with copious dark brown streaking on the back of the head and underparts. It has a round head with plain buffish-grey facial discs, orange-yellow bill and small black eyes.

The tail is long and wedge-shaped, with dark barring on the uppertail, and the wings are rounded. Flight is direct and purposeful, recalling that of the common buzzard. Sexes are similar, with no seasonal variation. The Ural owl feeds on rodents and medium-sized to large birds such as jays and willow ptarmigan, although normally only up to the size of a woodpigeon. Its territorial call, which can carry up to two kilometres, is a soft, deep wo-ho….. woho uhwo-ho. Birds also give unmistakable yapping bau – wau calls, which are delivered by both sexes.

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