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Near Fatal Wild Animal Encounters…Don’t Be This Stupid

No matter how many times I say it, there are always going to be stupid people that put themselves in harm’s way around wild animals. While getting close to a wild animal might make for a great vacation photo, you have to remember….these are wild beasts that don’t grasp the concept of a ‘selfie’.

If you get too close, they might perceive that as a threat and will more than likely take your head off. Countless idiotic tourists have either been mauled, or killed, because they got too close to a wild animal.

No matter what animal activists, or Disney films tell you, a wild animal is just that…a wild animal and sadly, they sure as heck don’t play by our rules. Getting too close to these beasts is never a good idea under any circumstance. I have written countless articles on this subject and yet time and time again, every time I click onto YouTube, I see video after video, of people ignoring the clear and present danger and all just to get a good ‘up close and personal’ picture of a wild animal.

I think videos like the one below, serve as good tutorials on this subject. They serve as a prime example as what NOT to do, when around wild animals , either at the zoo, or, out in their environment. Even when there are no animals in sight, please exercise caution when you are out in the woods.

Whether it’s in the woods of the Pacific Northwest, or driving across the savanna in Africa, or out in the desert,  just because you don’t see them, it doesn’t mean there are no wild animals around.

Okay, you’ve been properly warned…now, enjoy the video.

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