If One .50 Cal Rifle Is Good…Then 3 Must Be Awesome…Right?

Normally I try to stay away from videos that are more than 15 minutes in length, that is of course unless it’s a really good and informative video that grabs and keeps your attention. This is one of those, not only is it an interesting video, but keeps you focused on the subject matter.

Now, why does anyone really ‘need’ a .50 cal rifle ? The answer is simple, it’s not about ‘need’, but simply a matter of ‘want’. Unless you plan on going to Africa to go elephant hunting, or, want to take a trip to Kodiak Island and want to bag yourself a Kodiak bear, nobody really ‘needs’ a .50 caliber rifle. Not only are these rifles incredibly expensive to purchase, the ammo certainly isn’t cheap either. So, unless you are a die-hard shooter and just have to have one to complete your gun collection, most folks will pass them by. Me personally, I think having 3 .50 cal rifles is a SPLENDID idea.

In the video below, we see 3 different types of these rifles showcased by Matt Carriker and he goes on to explain what all of the differences are regarding these large caliber guns and how each one fires and handles, along with the pros and cons. Beneath the video, I will list all of them and also place a short description of each.

So, in the meantime, enjoy the video.

Serbu BFG-50AThe BFG-50A is a magazine-fed, semi-automatic, gas-operated .50 BMG rifle. It takes standard 10-round M-82 magazines. It has a 3-lug rotating bolt, dual plunger ejectors, sliding plate extractor, hydraulic recoil buffer. The bolt locks into a barrel extension which is threaded to the barrel. The bolt lug and barrel extension locking surfaces are helical. The gas system is similar to that used on a Ljungman AG-42 or MAS 49/56. As with our BFG-50 single-shot rifle, all our barrels are chambered with our own reamer design which allows surplus ammunition to be fired but gives far greater accuracy than can be achieved with barrels using a machine gun chamber. Barrel length: 26.0″, overall length: 52.5″. Rifle weighs 25 lbs unloaded. The BFG-50A uses a highly efficient 8-port “Shark Brake” muzzle brake. Barrel/barrel extension and handguard are removable to allow different barrel and handguard lengths and configurations. 

Barrett Model 82A1As the first shoulder fired semi-automatic .50 caliber rifle, the Model 82A1 has been carefully honed, studied and then refined again. The result is low felt recoil, self-loading action and accurate firepower that never slows down.  Emergency iron sights provided, nerves of steel are not.

Barrett M107A1It may be related to the Model 82A1®/M107®, but the M107A1 is far from a simple evolution. Driven by the demands of combat, every component was re-engineered to be lighter yet stronger. Designed to be used with a suppressor, this rifle allows you to combine signature reduction capabilities with the flawless reliability of the original Barrett M107, but with a weight reduction of 5 pounds.  Advanced design and manufacturing make the M107A1 more precise than ever.

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