A Fight To The Death: King Snake vs Centipede [VIDEO]

Now in a fight like this, it would be difficult to really care who the winner is. Since most people don’t like snakes, i’m pretty sure that not that many folks will root for the snake. On the other hand, the giant centipede is no slouch, these insects have been known to kill reptiles, birds and small mammals. Either way, it’s hard to get behind either one of these combatants.

Currently there are 8,000 known species of centipede in the world, in which 3,000 species have been described. As noted, the geographical area of ​​Crete living very broad, with species found as far away as the Arctic Circle. Terrestrial habitat can centipede from tropical rainforest until the desert. However, because the crust is no waxy cuticle helps prevent drainage as insects and spiders, we easily lose water through the skin and so even though in all their habitats need a micro habitat high humidity. Specifically, we can find the centipede in humus, leaves items, under the rocks or in logs. Perez is one of the invertebrate predators biggest terrestrial and significant contributions in the biomass of predators in terrestrial ecosystems.

The kingsnake is comprised of eight species, including the common kingsnake. The kingsnake has the largest natural geographical range of any land snake. It occupies an array of habitats from southern Canada to northern South America. The common kingsnake, with a number of subspecies, occurs across the United States and northern and central Mexico, from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic coast to the Gulf coast.

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