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Watch As This Man Demonstrates How To Properly Kill A Rattlesnake

Before you start watching the video, let me set the record straight about a couple of things first. We here at Survival Nation DO NOT recommend that you attempt something like this at all. Unless you have experience in dealing with venomous snakes, no amateur should ever attempt to grab, or hold, any kind of venomous snake, the risk is too great. Encounters like this usually happen when your out in the boonies, and if you aren’t familiar with the area, getting to the nearest hospital might be difficult.

If you do happen to come into close contact with a rattlesnake while out in the woods, either while hunting, or hiking, give these animals a wide berth. They will not seek you out and if you do happen to stumble upon one accidentally, just back away and leave the animal alone. A rattlesnake is not necessarily an aggressive reptile, so if you leave them alone, chances are, they’ll leave you alone.

Rattlesnake Description & Identification – There are 32 known species, which contain numerous subspecies with many color variations. They all share in common a distinctively triangular head and jointed rattles on their tail.

Rattlesnakes have the following physical characteristics:

  • Broad, “triangular” head
  • Eyes have vertical “cat-like” pupils
  • Covered in scales that are a variety of colors/patterns
  • Scales are keeled, with a raised ridge in the center of each
  • Body is heavy or thick (fat) in appearance
  • Large tubular fangs in mouth that fold out when the mouth opens
  • Mouth is like a hinge, opening 180 degrees
  • Blunt tail with jointed rattle (Note: baby rattlesnakes don’t have rattles and some adult snakes may break or lose their rattles)
  • In ideal habitats where there is a constant, abundant supply of small rodents, the rattlesnake sometimes attains a length of five feet, but the average adult size is between three to four feet.

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