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Luiza Goes Fishing Off Anna Maria Island For Goliath Grouper

In this particular video (below), we see Luiza go fishing for Goliath Grouper off of Anna Maria Island off the western Florida coast. But before you watch the video, let me give you a little history about Anna Maria Island and the Goliath Grouper. An adventure like this doesn’t come around too often, but since most of us are stuck at home dealing with the daily grind of our jobs and families, feel free to use this as an excuse to escape (if only for a few minutes). Who knows, you may want to re-think your current vacation plans and take a trip to the Gulf of Mexico instead and go fishing (or diving), for these monster fish yourself.

 Anna Maria Island is located in the gulf of mexico between St. Petersburg & Sarasota Florida. The island was originally used for hunting and fishing by various Indian tribes and the only way on and off the island was by boat. Visit the Anna Maria Island Historical Society for a look at this island paradise in its original form when it was discovered by the local Timucan and Caloosan American Indian tribes and then by Spanish explorers (including Hernando DeSoto) in the name of the Spanish Crown.

The Atlantic goliath grouper or itajara (Epinephelus itajara), also known as “jewfish”,is a large saltwater fish of the grouper family found primarily in shallow tropical waters among coral and artificial reefs at depths from 16 to 164 ft. Its range includes the Florida Keys in the US, the Bahamas, most of the Caribbean and most of the Brazilian coast. On some occasions, it is caught off the coasts of the US states of New England off Maine and Massachusetts. In the eastern Atlantic Ocean, it occurs from the Congo to Senega.


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