Hickok45 Takes A Walk Through History With Some Cowboy Action Guns

In today’s modern world there are a veritable plethora of weapons of any kind to choose from, of any kind of caliber one would want. But, there is something special when it comes to the firearms of the old west, it’s that feeling you get when you fire your first six-shooter, which is almost too difficult to describe. Shooting and or, owing a piece of history, in the form of a single action Colt Peacemaker, or, a Winchester lever-action repeating rifle, has a certain feel to it that is almost indescribable. Holding one of these weapons in your hand almost takes one back to that time in history, when men were men and getting on your horse and riding off into the sunset, gave one a feeling of true freedom and independence and what it was like to be a real man.

When I was a kid, there was almost nothing better than sitting in front of an old black and white RCA Victor television set and watching Roy Rogers chase after the bad guys and save the day. I  remember a time when almost every little boy owned a shiny set of six-guns, along with a cowboy hat and played ‘Cowboys and Indians’ and it wasn’t considered racist, or violent, it was all about just having fun. We merely mimicked what we say on our television sets and could play non-stop for hours, until our Mother’s would call us back into the house to wash-up for supper.

The weapons showcased in the video below, are a true part of what it means to be an American. These are the guns that won the west and paved the way for a true American icon to emerge …the cowboy.  I realize that Hickok45’s videos tend to be a little on the long-side, but if you were one of those little boys I mentioned, it will be worth your time to watch, as he takes us into the past and shows us the guns that won the west.


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