Alligators vs Rattlesnakes…Both Are Predators & Prey

The video below was filmed in Florida, surrounded by water on three sides and home to the Everglades, Florida is blessed with an impressive array of fish and wildlife. The state boasts more than 700 terrestrial animals, more than 200 freshwater fish and more than 1,000 marine fish. Snakes, sharks and alligators are but a few of Florida’s fascinating residents.  Fifty species of snakes make homes in the Sunshine State. Six of those snakes are venomous, including the southern copperhead, the Florida cottonmouth, the eastern diamondback rattlesnake, the timber rattlesnake, the dusky pigmy rattlesnake and the eastern coral snake

Rattlesnakes are known to prey on small birds and mammals such as rats and mice. But it is not common to see them feeding on alligators, which are too dangerous for most snakes to even approach. But rattlesnakes are opportunistic feeders and they will attack, kill and eat a small baby alligator, killing their prey with a venomous bite. All rattlesnakes possess a set of fangs with which they inject large quantities of hemotoxic venom. The venom travels through the bloodstream, destroying tissue and causing swelling, internal bleeding, and intense pain

If you’re looking for an alligator in Florida, chances are you won’t have to look far; all 67 counties in Florida have alligators. As more people gravitate toward the state’s waters, building homes and enjoying themselves on the water, there’s more human-alligator interaction. The state considers alligators under 4 feet long to be essentially harmless as, at that length, they’re not dangerous if left alone. Alligators prefer wetland habitats, including canals, lakes and swamps. They’ll eat a variety of animals, including fish, turtles and, if the alligator is large enough, house pets.

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