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Watch As These Beautiful Women Go ‘Bikini Bowfishing’

If you ask the average guy what he thinks about hot girls on a boat and what they’d be doing there, he’d probably tell you, that they are obviously there to sip champagne and get a tan. Well, for the young ladies in the video below, they have a slightly more active way to spend their day, than just lying around on the deck working on their tan.

Beginning in 2010, a bunch of hot girls got together for a day of bowfishing in Florida.  Little did they know how unique it was for girls in bikinis to be out shooting stingrays and other kinds of fish. For them, it was just another day of fun in the sun. After posting some pictures online and hearing some of the comments on social media, they realized that some people (who will remain nameless) didn’t take them serious because of the way they looked, simply because of what they were wearing.

It seemed odd to them because down in the “Sunshine State”, women are almost always in bikinis when out on a boat (Duh). It was then and there that they realized it was time to put together a Calendar for the world to see. Well needless to say Bikini Bowfishing was a hit and the world got to see beautiful girls.. shoot fish and YES, while wearing a bikini!

This is from their website

Bikini Bowfishing presents the Hottest DVD’s and Calendars to ever hit the World of Bowfishing! A unique look into what some people call “IMPOSSIBLE”….Beautiful Girls who actually shoot fish! The Bikini Bowfishing DVD series will bring you along as these beautiful ladies hit the swamps and saltwater flats of sunny Florida shooting at everything from alligators, to gar to fast moving stingrays. We’ve been filming Part 2 of the DVD for the past year and will be wrapping up production within the next few months. REAL girls, looking REAL good, shooting some REALLY crazy fish!

Make sure to stop into our online store for a full selection of Bikini Bowfishing gear including T- Shirts and Decals. We thank all of our Social Media Fans for their support. If you’re not already following us make sure to hit the Social Media tabs above to keep up with the latest pictures, videos and specials that we’re offering. Thank you to everyone and we’ll see you on the water!


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