This Is Awesome…See What A 45/70 Sharps Rifle With Blackpowder Cartridges Does To A Block Of Ballistics Gel

Here is a real classic, the 45/70 Pedersoli Sharps Sporting rifle fitted with a contemporary Malcom scope. Let’s see how a 520 spitzer bullet behaves hitting a block of ballistics gel. The cartridge is loaded with 51 grains of blackpowder, the men in the video are using a 19th century buffalo cartridge. While the target is only 50 meters away, you do get a clear perspective as to what the weapon and cartridge are capable of. Even a blackpowder cartridge fired from this weapon would bring down any large game animal (deer, elk, moose, buffalo) at distances of 500 yards or greater.

About the company who made the rifle for this video:

The philosophy of Davide Pedersoli was and is to refer to history, offering superior quality reproductions of historical firearms.  Today, thanks to our complete guns production autonomy started several years ago, all components required to assemble a gun are manufactured inside the company. The advantage of this is to be able to follow every step from the design and the manufacture of guns with the ultimate result of making models signed Davide Pedersoli famous worldwide for their quality, functionality and ballistic accuracy.

Since the spring of 1958 when Davide Pedersoli celebrated its first birthday there have been more than fifty years of continued success in selling guns. The recurring records and the large number of medals won in various international sports competitions testify to the quality and the ballistic accuracy of Pedersoli guns, features that made them popular among target shooters and hunters worldwide.

Davide Pedersoli has always distinguished itself by their historical research of the guns to reproduce, to identify some of the most important steps in the gun manufacturing tradition of nineteenth century European and American firearms. A rewarding choice that allowed many new enthusiasts to relive epic pages of history and, over time, to believe in a genuine way of life to be promoted in every aspect.

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