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The Best Bang For Your Buck…3 Great Guns For Under $300.00

Whenever I do one of these “best bang for your buck” type articles, there is always one guy, (or several) out there, that try to come-off as some kind of “gun aficionado” and says that the gun(s) mentioned in the article are crap and I should just keep my mouth shut and go buy a Glock. Well, not everyone can afford a Glock, Ruger, or one of the many other very high priced handguns out there.

The whole idea behind articles like this, is to give you (the reader) “choices”. I don’t get any ‘payola’, or ‘kick-backs’ from and of the gun companies I mention. I’m just a regular working guy who (like most hard working Americans), lives on a budget (a very ‘tight’ budget I might add). I offer ‘choices’ and if some of you don’t agree with them, that’s fine, but don’t be a schmuck and try to come-off like some kind of know-it-all in the comments section.

Beneath the video, I’ll place links to the different manufacturers so that you can read about the 3 different guns mentioned in the video, whether or not you decide to buy one, is totally up to you.


SCCY CPX-1 9mm


Taurus PT 111 G2

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